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Paid Ads On Facebook And Building Your Community

In part 1 of my interview with Jon Loomer we discussed metrics and community building on Facebook.  This is part 2 of my interview with Jon.  We get into some really new and powerful ways to advertise on Facebook as well as digging deeper into community building strategies.

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In this episode Jon and I dig into some of Facebook’s recent changes.  Specifically paid ads.  Some of these new changes are flying under a lot of people’s radar.

jon_loomer_digitalSocial Media Examiner post about Partner Categories.  Facebook recently partnered with Axiom, Datalogic and Epsolon.  This gives advertisers the ability to now target people by what they have bought, among other things.

We went on to discuss FBX the Facebook Ad Exchange.  Sites like Perfect Audience allows advertisers to set a very low budget to use this to do retargeting.  This is where our ad follows you from site to site.

In the second half of this episode we delve into building a big community following on Facebook.  We examined whether it is easier or more difficult to build a community these days.  And what it really takes to get people engaging with you.

The secret formula for Jon has been creating regular content.  Jon shared the really simple concept (thanks to Marcus Sheridan) for creating content very easily.

So will you be using paid ads in your community building campaign?

Here’s the resources Jon Mentioned on the show:

Perfect Audience – Facebook Retargeting

Partner Category article on Social Media Examiner

Marcus Sheriden – The Sales Lion

See part 3 of the interview where we discuss more on measuring stats and advanced Facebook tools


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