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In this episode I interview Mike and Maria Keiser owners of The Entrepreneur Circle, LLC  and The Human Performance Academy.  The Entrepreneur Circle is a confidential forum for entrepreneurs to embrace their most intimate, personal and professional issues, which in turn provides them the capacity to execute their plans.  After coaching hundreds of business owners and carefully studying peak performance, Mike and Maria created The Human Performance Academy, a four part course devoted to teaching people how to think, talk and behave like a peak performer.

Recently, Maria and Mike decided to start an online portion of their business selling and delivering trainings 100% online.  I love to coach and help business owners move into the world of Information Marketing, whether they sell a product online or provide free content.  I think this can be a huge asset and competitive advantage to any company.  So I knew Maria and Mike were perfect guests for this podcast.

They share their story and some great strategies on this podcast.  Make sure to leave your feedback in the comments section below.  Make sure to let me know what questions you have that we can cover in future podcast episodes.