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In this episode of The Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business Podcast (whoa that’s a mouthful…) I interview author L. Todd Wood.  We discuss how to write, publish and promote a book.

Todd has just completed book number 2.  His first book is called “Currency” and is available on Amazon.  And even though his books are works of fiction, same rules apply for a business who wants to write a non-fiction book.

Why write a book?  Simple…(well, among other things) positioning.  Slapping your real live book down on someone’s desk says something.  Being a published author carries some weight.

Why should a small business owner write and publish a book?  Here’s some great reasons:

  • Makes you the expert and authority on your topic
  • Gives you a great piece of marketing and branding for your business
  • Wow factor when networking and selling
  • Allows you to use one of the most powerful services on the web; Amazon
  • Can get you on the news, get you gigs as a speaker or launch an entirely new consulting business
  • It’s so darn easy to do

There are more reasons but those are the big ones.  In this interview you will learn how Todd did it and how you can too.

Todd also shares some great techniques for promoting his book on Twitter.  His strategy is perfect for promoting your business the exact same way.  It’s a solid strategy that you will want to implement right away.

The Twitter tool Todd talked about is  Care to take a guess what this tool does???

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