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020 Mike Brooks Online Marketing Case Study Part 2

Mindset Nuclear Chowder PodcastThis week’s podcast picks up where episode 18 left off.  This series is an examination of the online marketing process I used personally in my old business, a martial arts school, as well as for my current clients and my own current business: Nuclear Chowder Marketing.

This case study will continue to be done over several more podcasts.  And they won’t be in order so I will try to come back and link to the other episodes for easy navigation.

It’s All About Mindset

In this episode I cover a couple of concepts that are more about the mindset than tactics.  We’ll get into plenty of tactics.

But what I found in my ten plus years running businesses and working with many business owners, is that if the mindset is off, the business is doomed.  Some will argue that these two concepts I cover in this episode will be the difference between massive success and certain failure.

I am also joined by Stephen Gardner for the SEO minute.  Today, Stephen shares information about Google Authorship, how it affects your search engine optimization and what you can do with it.

Thank You For Listening!

Thanks for listening to Nuclear Chowder Podcast

This podcast marks the 20th episode.  I want to thank everyone who’s been listening.  Even the person who emailed me a scathingly nasty review.  I’ll have to post that in a future blog post…

Please let me know what you like (or don’t like) about these podcasts.  And if you have a question you’d like answered, shoot me an email.  (You have to listen to the podcast to get my email address.  Sorry evil spambots.).  Or, if you’d like to be on the show, leave your question on our hotline voicemail by calling: 203-826-2005.  And if you haven’t done it yet, please take the podcast survey.

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