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I love listening to podcasts. I am addicted. I rarely listen to anything else.

I am often asked which business podcasts I suggest. There are a ton of really good ones out there. But there are a few that I listen to religiously.

Here they are… my current top 12 favorite podcasts in the business category on iTunes. I say current because there are many others I think are very valuable. But I wanted to give you a snapshot of what and who I listen to today to get motivation and advice.

You will find great podcasts here that cover a breadth of business from online marketing, selling, mindset, social media, content marketing and more.

These are not ranked in any special or specific order. In fact I purposefully list them randomly so as not to show favoritism toward any one of them. I love them all for different reasons and recommend you try them all out as well.

Web Search Social Podcast1: Web.Search.Social with Ralph and Carol Lynn Rivera

I love this podcast. First, Ralph and Carol Lynn have become great friends but also we have recently become business partners. I also get mentioned regularly on their show…

But that isn’t why I listen. WSS is just a fantastic show. They talk about anything from running a business, to social media, to online marketing to eating pie and drinking tea.

This show is highly entertaining, very thoughtful and thought provoking, and covers all things business.

Gary Vaynerchuck Podcast2: The #AskGaryVee Podcast with Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary is the author of several great best selling books and a social media star. On this podcast, Gary simply answers questions from his audience in his usual in your face, honest and entertaining, brutally direct but with charm, way that only Gary can.

Before everyone was using YouTube and other video networks to market their business, Gary was crushing it with Wine Library TV. That helped him grow his family’s wine business from $3 million to $60 million.

Today Gary runs a successful agency and keynotes all over the world on social media.

Cardone Zone Podcast3: The Cardone Zone with Grant Cardone

This show is all about selling. Grant Cardone is a best selling author of several books including The 10X Rule.

This show doesn’t care about production value (I wish they’d adjust their levels… the music is way too loud). And if you listen long enough he’ll say something that will annoy you.

But he knows how to sell. And if you’re going to learn just one thing in business, it better be how to sell.

My favorite part of this podcast is when he lets people call in and do a live cold call/pitch. The funny thing to me is not one caller is ever prepared even after he tells them exactly what to say.

If you want to understand how and why you have to go out and sell, and you absolutely should, this podcast is the place.

social media examiner podcast4: The Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner

Michael Stelzner is the Founder of Social Media Examiner, an online publication that shows professionals how to make social media work for their business. He is a phenomenal interviewer guiding his guests to lay things out in an easily understandable way for the listener. This podcast is a must for everything social media.

He also has a shorter form podcast that is delivered daily called The Social Media Examiner Show. And like many on this list… he’s a super nice guy who really takes great pride in helping people.

Manly Pinterest Tips Podcast5: Manly Pinterest Tips with Jeff Sieh

Pinterest reportedly sends more traffic to websites than any other social media platform. This podcast entertainingly covers all things Pinterest.

This podcast will show you what it takes to succeed on Pinterest by adding testosterone, one pin at a time. Entertaining, fun and informational this is a must listen to if you want to take advantage of this powerful platform.

In fact, Jeff’s boards inspired this blog post. See if you can see how and where…

Content Warfare Podcast6: Content Warfare with Ryan Hanley

Ryan has been a guest on my podcast several times. What I love about Ryan is he’s worked in a small business, (an insurance company), doing the things he teaches.

Content Warfare helps listeners to understand how to make content marketing work.

He also does a new podcast/Blab with The Sales Lion himself Marcus Sheridan who gets an honorable mention here for the Mad Marketing Podcast. I listen to Marcus on and off – Sorry Marcus, I can’t fit everyone in – and his show is excellent too.

superheroes of marketing podcast7: Superheroes of Marketing with Alisa Meredith and Kelly Kranz

A great podcast with a superhero theme… Nothing could be better! Hosts Alisa and Kelly interview experts on marketing with a lean toward Inbound Marketing and social media best practices.

I was a guest myself on episode #26. They even sent me a bright green cape with a turkey emblem… you have to listen to find out why.

Truth About Marketing Podcast8: The Truth About Marketing with Kevin Rogers

When it comes to putting salesmanship into writing, TAM is the go to podcast. Kevin is a direct response copywriting expert who has worked with and learned from some of the best in the world, including John Carlton, who Kevin hosts another podcast with, which would be on this list if they recorded some recent episodes (hint hint, Kevin and John!)

Kevin is a former stand-up comic turned marketing stud. His book the 60 Second Sales Hook is a fast but important read if you want to make your words sell.

Entrepreneur On Fire9: Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas

This podcast changed everything. John was the first guy to start a daily podcast. He does one interview every day, 7 days a week. As of this article he has over 1,000 episodes.

The structure is disciplined and predictable but he gets people to really share great content. He interviews some of the top people in the business world to share their story.

Many of the podcasts on this list are by people who have other businesses that they use their podcast to promote. This podcast IS the business. And John even shares his income right on the website for it.

Podcast Answer Man10: Podcast Answer Man with Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff is the guy who taught me and countless others how to podcast. If you look at many of the top podcasts, including most of the ones on this list, they all received direct or indirect guidance from Cliff.

When people ask me a question about podcasting I just send them to Cliff’s website as he’s covered everything already. And the level of detail he provides in his free content is thousands of times better than most paid content you’d find elsewhere.

The Podcast Answer Man, like many shows around for this long, has changed formats a bit. He talks less about the basic how to’s of podcasting than he used to. Today he talks about his personal and business journeys. Mostly because anything you want to know about podcasting has already been covered. But whatever you want out of it, this podcast is one of the best.

Social Media Unscrambled11: Social Media Unscrambled with Chris Curran and David Duetch

Chris is the owner of Fractal Recording Studios and David is a social media director. Together they are hilarious and produce a top notch show.

They share a ton of great information, bring on interesting guests and share social media news covering things from what you need to know to the weird and wacky.

The hosts don’t take themselves too seriously and have a ton of fun. You will laugh while you learn on this podcast.

Smart Passive Income Podcast12: Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Pat got laid off from his job in 2008 and decided to create an online business. This podcast transparently reveals Pat’s journey while he shows people how to do it for themselves.

You may or may not want to have a true online business yourself. But Pat shares advice and strategies that can work for any business.

My opinion on the subject is every business needs to think of themselves as an online business or they will one day wonder where all their customers went.

the joel comm show podcast12.1: One More… The Joel Comm Show with, you guessed it… Joel Comm

I wrote this post back in November 2015 and then decided to make some updates to my website. Well, those updates turned into a massive redesign. The new site was launched in Jan 2016 and this blog post waited in the wings until now.

In the meantime, The Joel Comm show made it’s way into my regular rotation and it is fantastic. A must listen to.

Joel is a great marketer and a great guy. His unique take on things, his vast connections in the business community and his great interview style make this one of my top listen to (and you can watch it live on too) shows.

What are your favorites?

Feel free to share your must listen to business podcast in the comments below. I’d love to know what you are listening to.

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