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I’ve been preaching this for years.  Businesses have to be on social media.  If you’ve been following me for any length of time, I’m sure i sound like a broken record.  (For those of you under 35, a record is how we used to listen to music.)

I’ve been screaming it from the roof-tops since the very beginning back when I used it to market my martial arts school before Facebook was even around.  It’s a simple, higlhy effective and fast way to get in front of your prospects and customers in a way that has never been available to the little guy.

There are so many reasons to do this but here’s seven of the more important ones:

Social Media Marketing

1: Reach a wider audience than ever before possible. If one person shares or comments, all their friends see it.  If they say they love your service, hundreds of other people might see that in real time.

2: You can easily communicate with your customers. The easiest person that you can get to buy from you is someone who already has bought from you.  Creating a community where your customers can stay connected to you can result in more sales.

3: Market research. People are talking about your product or service online.  If you listen carefully, they will tell you what new things they want from you.  Social media allows you to peer into people’s lives in a way that was only available to Madison Avenue advertisers with tens of thousands of dollars to spend on it.

4: Helps your search engine rankings. These social media sites have a big impact on the search engines.  They are in constant motion with new content continually churning.  So the search engines are always coming back to these sites to look at (and possibly index) your status updates.

5: Control your reputation.  If someone wants to complain about your service they will find any number of outlets online.  Letting people post their good (and bad) on your Facebook allows you complete control.  You can remove it or you can comment back to them and fix it in real time.

6: Everyone is there. Facebook has over one billion users.  That’s reason enough right there.

7: Did I mention It’s free? Tremendous power to help you attract and maintain customers at zero cost.