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One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to sample the menus at local restaurants. Out in Austin for a workshop I got to pig out at Chuy’s twice (so far).

I’d get back on a plane just to go back. This Texas place sure knows how to do Tex-Mex. Who knew?

Warning: Loudness alert

This podcast is going to be loud and raw. I recorded this in front of a live audience. Because I had to use a USB mic straight into my Mac, the quality won’t be what it usually is. But… the content is awesome!

I was one of the invited speakers at Eric Louviere’s Titanium Blueprint Workshop this weekend. I spoke to the motivated crowd of marketers about content marketing and social media.

A big portion of my talk was on podcasting. By the time I was finished, the audience agreed podcasting is a media with huge benefits to them that they all need to be in. So I offered to record my podcast live right in front of them as a demonstration.

Mike Brooks Interviewing Eric Louviere For Podcast

Who is Eric Louviere?

Mike Brooks and Eric Louviere SpeakingEric agreed to lend his time during the workshop to be interviewed. Eric is a seasoned Internet Marketer who has made millions of dollars online. He has also taught and coached many other marketers who have also gone on to make millions online.

There is no better person to show people how to start an online business, or how to improve their current businesses marketing online than Eric. And in this episode he shares some fantastic insights.

The workshop was 3 days and power packed with great content. I’ve been friends with Eric for years and have had the luxury of being coached by him many times. Yet I still learned a ton.

Enjoy but be careful

Make sure to listen to this episode #66 either on iTunes, Stitcher or here on the blog. But make sure not to keep the volume to high. You need to hear this stuff, but I don’t want to blow your ears out. Enjoy!