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A Little Proof Online Marketing Works For Small Business

I had a real honor recently.  I was featured in an article in Aqua Magazine, a trade publication for the pool industry.

The article title is ‘Goodbye, Yellow Book Road’, (very clever name actually).  You can read the article here.


It all started when a client of mine, Jon Allen, owner of A & A Pools, was at a trade show.  Jon had been talking to a few folks about what his company had accomplished with online marketing.

One of the people in the group was Cailley Hammel, a writer for Aqua Magazine.  She was so impressed, she wanted to do a story on it.  And since I had been doing Jon’s online marketing, I was interviewed by Cailley for the piece.

The Biggest Reward To Me Is My Clients Getting Great Results

I have to say, it’s really rewarding to hear from a client that the service I provide works and is helping them take their business to the next level.  It’s the most gratifying thing about doing what I do.

When a business like Jon’s hires me, I am being paid to help market that business.  A small business like this is depending on me.  And if I fail, that business could also fail.  That’s a huge responsibility that I take really seriously.

I Have Walked A Mile (And More) In My Client’s Shoes

Before I helped businesses with their online marketing, I was in their shoes.  I owned a martial arts school.  I came on as a partner in that school because it was about to go under.  It could barely make the rent.

My job as a partner was to try to stop the bleeding and build it up.  When I started, we had no money to advertise.  I couldn’t even pay myself.  It was all sweat equity for over a year while the business was resuscitated back to life.

It was tough, but I was able to take that small school from near death to a huge success.  By the time I sold my share back to my partner in 2010 to build my online marketing firm full time, the school was an entirely different place.  I am tremendously proud of my accomplishments there.

This Worked For My Martial Arts School

I used the same offline and online tactics to market the school then as I do for businesses like Jon’s today.  These strategies and tools work now just as well as then.

But the article really got me thinking about those early days.  What I learned, the things I tried and failed at and what worked.  I realize there is a ton of value in sharing this with other small business owners.

So I plan to go back and revisit those early days and share it with my audience.  In future blog posts and podcasts, I am going to take you through the process I used to take that little martial arts school from the brink of disaster to a profitable and successful small business.

I Want To Demystify Online Marketing

It’s one thing for me to tell people what they should do as an online marketing firm.  I think people hear too much from advertising execs and other so called online marketing experts to the point where they’re heads are spinning.  People stop trusting and believing anyone.

I want to provide real world examples.  And I thought what better example than myself.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about my journey with my martial arts school.  You can also read the Aqua Magazine article here.



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  2. sgardner0926 on August 6, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    Mike, I see you are doing a lot with podcasting these days. How are you finding podcasting helping your general business strategy, is this something you’d recommend to the daily business owner who is starting to market there own website?

  3. Mike Brooks on August 7, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    Podcasting has been amazing. There are ever growing armies of people hungry for new podcasts. They are consuming the content faster than we can create it. The opportunities are huge. I recommend it highly.
    Mike Brooks

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