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About Nuclear Chowder

mikebrooksFor the past five years Mike Brooks has been personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue flowing into a select group of businesses through their Internet Marketing strategies. For the five years prior to that, Mike was personally responsible for the same thing at the martial arts school he co-owned which is where he fell in love with direct response and Internet Marketing.

Mike is the President and Founder of Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC. Mike’s marketing career began over 10 years ago when he became part owner of the martial arts school. Mike’s role in the school was simple; to market the school and build their membership base.

Not only did he grow the school but he became sought after to help other school owners around the world to help them do the same.  Mike created information products teaching other school owners his methods.

His expertise in local internet marketing attracted other business owners within the Danbury CT area. Before long, he had a second business called Offline Marketing Online.

In 2010 Mike decided to sell his share of the thriving martial arts school to his partner and devote all his time to helping local business owners with their internet marketing.

Mike is a published author, sought after speaker and consultant who continues to help small and large business owners with their online as well as offline marketing.

In 2012 he created Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC to not only continue his consultancy and help local businesses, but also to provide free training to anyone looking for help.  Nuclear Chowder is devoted to providing training in every aspect of Internet as well as regular offline marketing.

Nuclear Chowder is a consultancy that works with local business owners and online entrepreneurs, a web show, and a free training website.  If you would like to learn how Mike can personally help your business, give him a call.

To contact Mike and learn how he can help your local business with deliciously explosive internet marketing designed to feed your bank account, call him at (888) 860-6898.