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Why Visual Marketing Matters With Alisa Meredith

Episode 101 Warning: This was a really long episode. But well worth the listen… And there are a ton of great visual marketing resources she shared (links scattered in this post). I had a really fun conversation with Alisa Meredith and she dropped a ton of great information. So I just let it fly for a record…

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One Thing To Do On LinkedIn To Get More Connections

Here it is, the big milestone in a young podcast’s life: the 100th episode. It’s been two months since I’ve published a podcast and it’s great to be back! On this episode: Ralph M. Rivera and Carol Lynn Rivera of the Web.Search.Social podcast punk me Alisa Merideth from the Super Heroes of Podcasting and Jeff Sieh…

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12 Must Listen To Business Podcasts On iTunes

I love listening to podcasts. I am addicted. I rarely listen to anything else. I am often asked which business podcasts I suggest. There are a ton of really good ones out there. But there are a few that I listen to religiously. Here they are… my current top 12 favorite podcasts in the business…

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Business Speaker Series In Bethel CT: Tools for Business Success

Want to learn how to make smarter business decisions? Get to know your customer so you can gain insight and knowledge to help you implement successful strategies in today’s competitive market. The Western CT SCORE chapter has partnered with the Brookfield and Bethel CT Chamber of Commerce’s to offer free seminars for businesses owners and…

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The Online Marketing Growth Process For Business

On this episode of the Nuclear Chowder Marketing podcast I will share the method of online marketing I’ve been using, preaching and teaching for over 12 years now. It is road tested and battle ready. It will become a workhorse for those willing to put in the time and effort.

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How To Make Someone An Admin On My Facebook Page

Today a client asked me: Where in my account settings in Facebook do I go in and make some one an admin? I get asked this frequently so this is a perfect set of instructions to share here with everyone. Step 1: Go to your Facebook page Step 2: Select SETTINGS on the top right…

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