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Best Buy - BlackFriday

The following is an exclusive Black Friday Micro-Content Critique from entrepreneur and co-founder of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk. To find out more head to You can view more of his writing on Medium and LinkedIn.

This post gets an 11/10 for intent. The vine is well executed, and the attempt to socialize the act of standing in line is admirable. That said, this is a pretty seriously missed opportunity. If you search for #VineInLine on Vine, it returns precious few results and here is why: If you’re going to ask your followers to do something, there has to be a value exchange. The first and most obvious way would be to compensate them with something, and I’m sorry, but being retweeted by Best Buy is simply not attractive. The promise of a coupon – or even a CHANCE at winning one – would have been enough to dramatically increase participation. The other option is to make the act of creating the content actually fun for your followers. Something more creative that would give people the opportunity to try and one-up each other could be enough to compensate for the lack of a typical “prize.”

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So first I want to thank Gary Vaynerchuk for choosing my blog to publish his case study.  I, (Mike Brooks… in case you forgot), have a few thoughts of my own.

I do want to preface this with: it is better to try a campaign and fail then not do anything.  It may not have realized the desired result, (as in tons of people filming fun videos and proliferating them across the socialmediasphere via Vine), but it did get some media attention.  Unless it was something horrible that just makes them look awful, press is still press.  So kudos to Best Buy.  ‘A’ for effort.

Where they really fell down was in simply not vetting their ideas.  A quick search on Youtube shows the kinds of videos that are typically taken on Black Friday.

Of course, they planned this before Black Friday.  But luckily there have been other Black Fridays.

Had they looked carefully, they might have seen videos like this one from 2011 with horrible people trampling their fellow shoppers to get to a blender first:

They might have also seen this video from last year that reveals many of our society’s disdain for retailers opening on Thanksgiving.

Or even this video from just weeks before Thanksgiving of this year, (Best Buy was even IN this video):

Hind site is always 20/20.  But it seems pretty obvious this campaign was ill advised.