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I recently did a survey to my email subscriber list asking what types of internet marketing trainings they would like.  Most want to get a better understanding of how to make social media work for their business.  And of all the social media channels, the overwhelming winner was Facebook.

Over the next month or so, the plan is to provide a bunch of free training here on social media.  We’re going to start with Facebook.

Build Engagement on Facebook

Another request was to get more in depth training.  So I have produced a free PDF Ebook called the Ultimate Facebook Success Guide that you can get right now. an online Facebook training program that will be available shortly.  This is for small businesses who want to make Facebook marketing work the right way.

I’ve also put together an online training program where we go step by step into getting Facebook churning out customers for your business.  The details are on the last page of the free guide.

In the next few posts we are going to examine the EdgeRank algorithm.  This is the engine that makes Facebook go.

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EdgeRank is a complex algorithm that decides if you show up, how you show up and for how long you show up in friend’s and subscriber’s newsfeeds on Facebook.  For businesses marketing on Facebook, it is really important to understand what this is and how it works.

In the above video I define what EdgeRank is.  Over the next few I will be digging into the components of EdgeRank in greater detail.

Click the link to watch the next video on the first component of EdgeRank called Affinity.