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Email Marketing

The Best Kept Online Marketing Secret Weapon Of 2014

I have a question for you. Do you want to know what the most affordable and most useful marketing tool is? A tool that can give you potentially the biggest return on your investment by a country mile?

And I am being serious. You may be saying “Well duh, of course I want to know what THAT is!!!”

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Online Marketing Tools Can Kill Your Business

Online Marketing For Business Is Not About The Tool

I just received a very important email. I’m really excited about it too. It may just be the most important email I’ve ever received (clears throat).

It is from a “online marketing expert”. The subject line is: Finally, get more leads then ever before. Who doesn’t want that? Tell me more unidentified expert…

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SEO Is Dead… Or Is It?

Let’s get something straight right now. Rumors of SEO’s death are greatly exaggerated. You may have heard people saying it is dead. And if not, you certainly will. Drastic changes by Google over the past two years and new changes on the horizon in January 2014 have created this controversy. The problem is it’s just…

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A Little Proof Online Marketing Works For Small Business

I had a real honor recently.  I was featured in an article in Aqua Magazine, a trade publication for the pool industry. The article title is ‘Goodbye, Yellow Book Road’, (very clever name actually).  You can read the article here. It all started when a client of mine, Jon Allen, owner of A & A…

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