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Just For Fun

How To Become Stress & Worry Free (Thanks To Trump And Carrier)

In case you missed it, the Carrier company has been in the news recently. They planned to move jobs from Indianapolis to Mexico. Trump got involved and now (long story short) they are keeping a portion of these jobs in the US. Some Americans are thrilled with this and Trump in general. But to many other Americans,…

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Here’s My Personal Goal Setting System

I want to tell you why I despise this ritual of setting a new year’s resolution. Then I want to help you set your new year’s resolutions. Yes, that’s a little schizophrenic but let me explain.

I am an avid goal setter. I believe it is the starting point of success. If you don’t have clear goals, you’re likely not going to get what you want in business and life.

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Mike Brooks’ List Of Online Marketing Truthery

Sometimes you just have to get stuff off your chest. Sometimes you just have to unleash to the world what you’re thinking in great detail. Today is not one of those times.

Today is the day for some Online Marketing Truthery. In no particular order I want to share things that I have experienced in over 10 years of selling information products online and helping small businesses to market themselves online.

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How Smart Marketing Can Help You Meet .Me In Texas

Alright, first off, this is a sponsored blog post which means I get paid to write it. But don’t let that stop you from reading. I wouldn’t write about something just to make money. And we’re not talking put my kid through college money. We’re talking buy my kid a few Beatles shirts money. (She’s…

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My Podcast Sucks

It happened!  I finally got some hate mail from a podcast listener.  Or… ex listener I guess… I was actually having a really bad day too.  Not only was work crazy, we are about to head off into  the cell phoneless wilderness of Vermont for a weekend camping trip.  So there is the stress of planning it…

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