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Traffic, traffic, traffic. Who wants more traffic? Who wants more people coming to their website?

I always ask that question at my live workshops. And it is always the same response. Everyone raises their hands high.

The next question I ask is:


I’m very proud to say that my company, Nuclear Chowder Marketing, is a leading CT Internet Marketing agency. We are not an SEO company.

Unfortunately many people still think of us and companies like us as SEO. The goal of an SEO company is typically to get you traffic.

And by the way, I am not slamming SEO as a function. We manage this as part of our overall strategy. And it’s an important part. You need traffic.

But it’s just one piece of the puzzle. What I am slamming here is a company that only does SEO. It is a function, not a business model.

It’s like opening a car dealership that only sells steering wheels. You kind of need the entire car. It doesn’t go anywhere without the rest of the car.

But this is what so-called SEO companies do. They sell you the steering wheel. The bad ones don’t mention anything about all the other pieces of the puzzle you need like a strong website from both a design and copywriting perspective, good offers, tracking metrics, a connected offline strategy, social media and a lot more.

Even worse

Many companies that tout themselves as SEO or traffic companies are playing dangerous games with Google to get you ranking. These companies are usually good for two things:

  1. Selling you a lot of BS and
  2. Getting you in trouble with Google.

See, Google does not like SEO companies that game the algorithm. Far too many do just that. And if they find out you hired an SEO company that does that, you can bet on getting penalized. And when you get penalized you are not showing up on Google and your traffic drops like a bag of anvils.

Wait… what?

But here’s the double edged sword. Google frowns upon blatant optimization and SEO can get you in trouble. But your site still needs to be optimized if you want it to get found. What’s a business to do?

The problem is that Google both sanctions and condemns SEO. Without getting overly technical, the truth is you have to have a strong SEO strategy to survive on Google. But if you don’t know what you’re doing and it is done wrong, you can seriously hurt your business chances online.

The reason for this is that Google wants you to provide the best user experience you can. And if you do what most companies do; simply add more and more traffic without considering user experience and good marketing strategy, you will always be at risk.

But here’s the real problem

SEO is important. But forget about the fact that doing SEO wrong will put you in the danger zone. There’s one really important reality here: Everyone thinks they want more traffic but what they really want is more customers.

Getting more customers means focusing on conversions. That is getting people to take an action.

Getting a click from a search query to your site is a conversion. Getting someone to enter their email address to join your mailing list is a conversion. Getting someone to call you is a conversion. And of course getting someone to buy from you is a conversion.

The higher your conversions, the more success you will have.

But when business is slow, what do people do? They try to get in front of more people. They pay for ads of some type.

Then they scratch their heads because nothing happens.

Fix the focus

The trick is to first focus on conversions. Increase the number of people who take action.

Unfortunately most businesses have no idea how many people are currently converting into leads, prospects and customers from their traffic. If your conversion rate is 0%, doubling your traffic will get you… let me get my calculator out… double the traffic multiplied by zero is… more of the same.

But this is how so many businesses operate. They get nothing from their traffic. Business is down so what do they do? Increase their traffic. It’s like running on a hamster wheel.

How to do it

The first step in increasing conversions is to make sure you’ve got the right kind of traffic. Examine where people are coming from, what they do when they get to your site and then use that information to fix things. Test your results and repeat.

Most business can fix conversions with some simple tweaks. For example:

  • Have great headlines that grab attention
  • Have strong calls to action that ask people to call, enter an email or something else
  • Have a visible contact form
  • Have a visible phone number (In more than just one spot)
  • Make sure all the important stuff is above the fold on your website
  • Don’t just drive traffic to your homepage. Create simple product specific pages and blog posts to send traffic to.
  • Make sure your site is very easy to navigate so people can easily find what they need
  • Give away free content in exchange for people getting onto your email list or calling you
  • Use good marketing copywriting everywhere

There is a lot more to it. But this is some of the low hanging fruit that can make a big difference.

Of course, it goes without saying, I am here to help. Get on my email list or call me so I can invite you to free workshops, online webinars and, send  you training and eBooks to help you get not just more traffic but high conversions.

Traffic and conversions can change your fortunes!

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