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From the Desk of Mike Brooks

When I started this website in January of 2013, the goal was to answer questions from prospects, clients and anyone interested in learning about online marketing. I did this through articles, videos and my podcast. This was done right on the home page of the site.By a wide margin, the number one question I am asked repeatedly is about the services my company offers. There are many readers of my blog who do their own online marketing. But there are also those who want to have us do it for them. So I decided to answer these most popular questions right on the home page. I have moved the articles, videos and podcast to the BLOG page which you can find on the menu or click here to navigate to.

I practice what I preach which is to never let anything slow you down. So instead of seeing an under construction image here, I will build these pages out live and without a net. This means they will start off basic and grow as I work to fully answer your questions about the services we offer.

If your question isn’t answered here or on the blog, make sure to contact us at (203) 889-4533 or toll free at (888) 860-6898 or fill in any contact form on the website.

Thanks for stopping by.


mikebrooksMike Brooks
CEO and Chief Nuclear Chowder Head
Nuclear Chowder Marketing