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This is episode #84 of the Nuclear Chowder Marketing Podcast.

The goal of this episode is to just give you one quick tip.

I set a goal for myself to publish more podcasts for two reasons:

1: because you always have to push to new levels. The fastest way to grow your brand is to be more prolific. So I am pushing myself to be more prolific.

2: My friends Ralph and Carol Lynn of the Web.Search.Social podcast are over 100 episodes and I am only on 84. This will not stand! I must crush them. Even though Ralph does love me…. proof is on this episode.

Here’s your tip:

Don’t take shortcuts on Twitter or (Social Media in general) at the cost of not being real.

I was at a networking event today and listening to a speaker. She was very good. During the event, I went off to check her social media and it looked very typical of a busy person not a social person. Her Twitter feed was riddled with automated posts.

Dont Do This On Twitter Or Social Media In General

Now I am not bashing automation. Anything you can do to make life easier is great. But… if it looks and smells like automation you’re done.

Most of her posts read: “I posted a new photo to Facebook with a link to the image on Facebook. Scroll her feed and it will be all you see. And, no image, just a link to Facebook. People generally won’t go from Twitter to Facebook. Plus the tweet won’t grab someone’s attention therefore is just a waste of that automation.

Take the 2 minutes it takes to post the picture to Twitter so the image shows in the feed to Twitter directly. Then share some information about the image that will grab attention.

If you want to automate that, use a tool like Buffer App to help. It will look much more natural if you use it right.

This has been a quick episode but I hope you use this advice. [clickToTweet tweet=”Social media is about being social… go figure” quote=”Social media is about being social… go figure”]

Be human, talk, listen and don’t be a robot.

And hey, want me to have a look at your social media and let you know what I see? I get business from my social media and I’d love to help you do the same.

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