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This is the third part of the EdgeRank Facebook equation. Weight. Watch the video below to on this part of the EdgeRank algorithm.

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Click play above to watch the video on Facebook EdgeRank Weight.

In part 1 we talked about the EdgeRank Overview. In part 2 we went over Facebook Affinity.


This is what the weight of what you and your audience does on Facebook. This part of the EdgeRank algorithm takes into account the types of things people do on your posts. How many times you click on images, like things, comment, shares and other actions. The more you do, the more weight.

Some things weigh more than other things. Liking may have less weight than commenting. Commenting may have less weight than sharing. Commenting and sharing may have a higher weight.

The bottom line is the more things you can get people to do, the higher their weight score will be. So having viral elements in your posts is important. Asking people to do something will be important.

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