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Facebook Intensive Members

Welcome to Facebook Intensive Training Member’s Area!

All the training classes and bonus trainings are below.  These training sessions were recorded live.  The Q&A are also included in these uncut recordings.  Please email [email protected] with any questions.



Class Video #2


How to Download Videos – Class #2  There were some technical issues during class #2 that made it impossible to demonstrate the video download with Real Player. This short video will show you the process.



Class Video #3



Class Video #4


Bonus Content

Facebook expert Mari Smith interview


Blogging expert Dino Dogan interview

Learn more and signup for Triberr

Triberr, in a nutshell, allows you to connect with other bloggers.  It is a blogging community.  This powerful tool plugs you into your ‘tribe’s’ social media.  So if you have 10 people in a tribe, each with 1,000 Twitter followers, you can now reach 10,000 Twitter followers.  Same with Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and more.