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Learn the Future of Ethical Search Engine Optimization from SEO Specialists in Bethel CT

I am really excited to be speaking this Wednesday for SCORE, Brookfield and Bethel CT Chambers at the Best Western. I speak on SEO, web design, social media and many things Online Marketing related all the time but always excited to share with hungry business owners and marketers looking to take it to the next level.

This event is part one of a 5 part series. You can learn more about and register for the Business Speaker Series in Bethel CT by clicking here.

My talk is on the current state of website optimization. However, I wanted to give you sneak peek and share what I will be speaking on.

As the title of this video suggests, my over-riding philosophy on SEO I will be sharing is Ethical Search Engine Optimization.

What does this mean? It means don’t expect black hat SEO, tricks and secrets designed to fool Google into ranking you and your prospect into clicking to your site.

The most important concept you will take away this Wednesday is to do right by your audience. No games or hacks. Give them what they want and need and then optimize the way Google wants you to for lasting success.

It all starts there!

So this Wednesday I am going to talk more about it and show you what you can do to get more leads, customers and profits online. And I am proud of you for taking an active role in your marketing success!

Now if you have specific questions, I invite you to ask them here down below on this post. I am also posting the above video to Youtube, Facebook and will share on Twitter to name a few places. Just comment wherever you’d like to ask your question and I will see you Wednesday! And if you can’t make it, I will answer you in the comments.