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Do you network?

Want to find interesting people to connect with? Want to build your network and get (and give) more business?

I have an app for you. It’s called CityHour and I am pretty darn crazy about it. In fact, go download it and connect with me. You can find it in the Apple app store.

Networking works!

I have built my business upon a foundation of networking. I believe there is nothing more powerful than getting out and meeting people.

I am a classic B2B business. However, I also networked when I owned a B2C business: a martial arts school. Many students and referrals came to that school as a result of networking.

Today, I am an active member of many area Chambers of Commerce and several closed networking groups. (Closed meaning only one person from a specific category is allowed. I can be the only online marketing guy.)

When I figured it out

Four years ago, shortly after selling my share of the martial arts school back to my partner so I could run my online marketing company full time, I joined a BNI group (Business Networking International). In BNI I learned about something they called a “Dance Card”. Today they call it a one-to-one.

This is where two members of the BNI group get together outside of the weekly meeting to get to know one another better. Until then, I’d never done that. I went to the weekly meeting and that was that.

When I joined BNI Membership Success in Brookfield CT (by the way we have a visitor’s day this Friday, April 21. I’d be remiss if I didn’t invite you.) I put on my dancing shoes big time.

Big results

These meetings are where the rubber hit the road… Big time!

It seemed that every time I went on one of these Dance Cards I got business from it. The person I was meeting with at some point would invariably say they didn’t realize I did, insert anyone of the different services I offer: Web Design, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Etc. Then they’d realize they had a person they know who needed that.

Deeper relationships are built when you work your network in this way. I was able to give more and I received a lot.

Today when I go to a networking event, a Meetup, a gathering, or anything of the type, my goal is to set one-to-one appointments with people I feel are a good connection. I spend a few moments getting to know someone at an open event, grab their card and then follow up with them the next day to set a meeting. I can’t stress it enough: every time I meet with people individually, magic happens.

There’s an app for that

The CityHour app not only makes this easy but also offers a way to find like-minded people who want to connect. You can find people right in your area and request a meeting.

You can connect CityHour to LinkedIn and find people in and even out of your own network. It really couldn’t be easier.

What’s great is that people you find on CityHour want to connect. They are there ready and waiting for you.

CityHour is fairly new. So right now people in bigger cities will likely find more people to connect with. But I predict this thing will catch on like wildfire.

I am actually urging people for my own purposes. The more people that get in, the more people I can meet. So go get it!

The legal mumbo jumbo

By the way, this was a sponsored blog post. Meaning I get paid to write this. However, this blog is not for sale or rent. I don’t take sponsors. In other words, I would have written about this regardless because it is valuable to my readers. So a stipend is just a nice little bonus.