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How Commercial Movers Can Create Simple Online Marketing Videos

I just returned from a commercial movers conference where I presented on online marketing. I shared a simple technique I use to create quick videos that I can Search Engine Optimize and put on Youtube  and share on social media.

This is a great technique that busy sales and marketing professionals in the commercial relocation industry can use to add content. Once you do it a few times it will get even easier and you can crank these out pretty fast.

These three videos below will walk you through how to edit and add b roll and other effects to the video. In the video I use iMovie for iPhone. If you don’t have an Apple device, you will need to find an alternative. But the process will help you understand what to do on whatever video editing tool you use.

Video 1: How To Create Simple Videos

In this video I share with you how to create these videos. You’re probably already doing a lot of the hard work needed to create them.

Video 2: A Marketing Lesson With Some B Roll And Added Text Effects

Here I filmed a similar talking head style video as in video 1. But then I explain what b roll is while showing you. I add another text effect at the end.

Video 3 – The Editing Process Revealed

This is the rubber meets the road video where I show you how to do the editing. You will see me do it right on my iPhone.


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