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How To Become Stress & Worry Free (Thanks To Trump And Carrier)

In case you missed it, the Carrier company has been in the news recently. They planned to move jobs from Indianapolis to Mexico. Trump got involved and now (long story short) they are keeping a portion of these jobs in the US.

Some Americans are thrilled with this and Trump in general. But to many other Americans, Trump has created a sense of dread and doom.

Does this worry you?

This is not meant to be a political article. I am only here to say, whichever side you fall on, worry isn’t going to change or help anything. It will only serve to upset and distract you from your own happiness, productivity, creativity and success.

And ironically, it was William H. Carrier who shared his magic formula for vanquishing stress and worry. Even though he created this back in the early part of the 20th century, this formula is needed today more than ever.


Stress and worry were slowly killing him

Before William H. Carrier became the successful owner of the company that bears his name, he was a young man working for someone else’s company. He was given a project that he felt was impossible. It became a tremendous burden on him. If he wasn’t successful, it not only meant his own personal failure, but it meant the failure of the entire company.

The stakes were incredibly high for him. He knew the company depended on him to succeed. But the task was impossible. And the harder he tried, the more stressed he became.

He was so beaten down by worry he became ill. He couldn’t sleep and wasn’t eating. And the more he worried, the worse things got for him physically.

This as Yuuuuge

He finally came to a simple yet important realization. The more he worried, the further away from a solution he got. Worry was doing nothing but killing his creativity and stopping him from finding a solution.

Out of sheer frustration, he came up with this 3 step formula. And it changed his life.

Here’s his formula:

1: Analyze the situation fearlessly and honestly. Determine what the worst possible result will be of the situation.

2: Reconcile yourself to accept the worst.

3: Improve upon the worst.

The thing with worry is that it’s always more worrisome than it should be.

Carrier realized in step 1 that he wasn’t going to die or go to jail if he failed. Worst case scenario he’d have to go get a new job.

And that’s not so bad after all

Identifying and coming to terms with the worst changes everything. It lifts all the weight off your shoulders and clears the fog.

Once he accepted his worst, a remarkable thing happened. The negative energy was released. He felt better. He got more sleep and ate better. The physical ailments went away with the weight of the worry off his shoulders.

With his head clear, he found the answer to the problem that was invisible under the cloud of worry. He ended up successful and eventually went on to create the company that is now part of the news cycle that creates dread and worry for roughly 50% of the country.

When worry and stress hit you…

What is the worst that can happen to you? Whether you’re worried and stressing about the results of the election, your job, your family or something else, what is the worst that can happen? Will you die? Will you go to jail?

You can’t change things with worry. But with creativity you can change the world!

I’ve been using this formula the past few weeks and I’ve had a spike in my creativity and productivity. And all with zero stress.

The only thing worry can do is keep you focused on the problem. When you use this formula, you’re forcing yourself to get past it. And magic happens when you open your mind to possibilities.

So take all your worry and put it into a little basket. Lets go ahead and call it our basket of deplorable worry and stress. Then toss it out and focus on solutions!


This story comes from the book by Dale Carnegie “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living”. I highly recommend it!

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