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11:49am – Tuesday – March 24, 2015

This is a question I am asked almost relentlessly. So I thought for today’s piece of blog content, I’d answer the question on how to create content. As an experiment, I thought it would be fun to time myself so you can see how long it really takes from beginning to end.

First, let’s discuss the why

To build the SEO value of your website, you need authoritative websites linking to you. Or authoritative people/brands talking about you and then linking to your site on social media.

Disclaimer: there’s a lot more to it, which I cover in many other posts like this one on SEO Fundamentals.

If Joe Anyone links to you, Google may or may not even notice. If a news channel like MSNBC were to talk about you on their website and create a link to you, Google would immediately see you as important.

Just like real life. If I tell all my friends they should check out Simpson and Vail because they sell great loose leaf tea and I like them and drink their tea, a few people may go check out their website (which is by the way and they are awesome.)

If Ellen DeGeneres talks about Simpson and Vail on her show, they will sell more tea in a day than they have that entire month or more. And Google will think they must be pretty darn important since Ellen and now her audience think they are pretty darn important.

It’s all about content

Here’s the thing: the likeliness of some other website linking to yours hinges upon your content. If you don’t have good content that digs deep you probably won’t get many links. And as a result, your SEO won’t grow.

Our goal is to get backlinks from credible and authoritative websites, people or brands to build our own authority.

How do you do this? It all starts with creating really good content that people want to read and share.

If you do not do that, none of the other magic tricks in your SEO bag will work.

People want information about you. They want to dig deep and learn who you are and what you’re all about. People expect content on your website.

So how do you do it?

The best and most effective method is to just answer questions. First of all, it makes it super easy to create content.

Why? Because if you’ve been in business for more than a day, you get asked questions all the time.

Start keeping track. Every time you get asked a question, jot it down in a notebook.

You will be amazed at how many times you get asked a question about what you sell. You will also see a trend that some questions get asked again and again.

11:57am – Tuesday – March 24, 2015

Took a quick break to give you a time stamp. Wrote all that in under 10 minutes. Anyway… back to the content…

The other key point here is that people want their questions answered. Duh… right? That’s why they ask them.

But if people want answers to questions, isn’t it logical to deduce that a website that answers their questions has a really good chance of closing some business?

Everything I’ve seen in the 12 years in business shows me proof positive that websites that answer questions outperform those that just poop out marketing messages.

So answering questions on a blog in your content is a super powerful and super easy way to do it.

People want this

Super powerful because it’s what the people want. It’s what they go to Google for in the first place: to get a question answered like “How To Create Content For Your Business Blog Quickly?” Perhaps you asked Google this question and found me that way.

And it’s super easy because I answer these questions all the time. I’m an expert at answering them. Which is why I can then open up Microsoft Word and craft a blog post in 13 minutes. The time now is:

12:02pm – Tuesday – March 24, 2015

Now I am going to take some time to re-read what I just wrote. Brb…

12:10pm – Tuesday – March 24, 2015

I’m back. Did you miss me? It has been like 9 minutes.

So far this process has taken a total of 24 minutes and I am done. So now I am going to save it and then email it off to my copy editor (person who takes 10 minutes to proofread and correct my bad grammar and spelling.)

So ask yourself if you have 24 minutes to spare to write a piece of content that could very well get you more business. I bet you do.

Your turn

Here… I’ll get you started. What makes your business different than your competition? Let me know how you answer this.