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This is going to be a bit of a rant. But there is a reason.

This is about your marketing. And this is also available as podcast episode 56 of the Nuclear Chowder Marketing Podcast.

I’ve seen great marketing work miracles. And my goal is to get you excited to not just market, but to do it at a very high level because the rewards are profound.

When businesses use the right marketing techniques they:

  • Have the tools to make their phone ring off the hook and generate tons more income for their business
  • Are protected from all the silly new Google rules and changes which gives them an unfair advantage over their competition
  • Know exactly how to extract money from Facebook and other social media platforms. 99% of other businesses have no idea how this is done.
  • Can literally print money on demand

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What’s the big deal?

Why should you care about all this marketing stuff anyway? Let me tell you a quick story.

I am a business owner. I have been for over 10 years now.

It all began when I ran a martial arts school. I took a 50% ownership stake in the school I trained at because my partner and best friend was about to close the business for good. He was great at karate but not so great at marketing.

Not only was he great, he was one of the best. We used to go to competitions and whenever he would fight, everything stopped so everyone could watch him. He was that good.

But what he was not good at: marketing. He was running the business into the ground.

My role in the business was to market the school. To bring it back to life and realize its true profitable potential.

I remember what it was like to barely make rent. I remember how hard it was to gain any ground when we were walking on what seemed like quicksand.

Great marketing can be Earth shatteringly transformational

Not only was I able to  turn it into a success but the marketing transformed us into one of the elite schools in the country.

And I’m not trying to pat myself on the back. I’m not trying to say look how amazing I am. I just followed the same steps I will be sharing with you if you come to my free workshop.

Today I help other businesses market themselves online using strategies I originally developed in the trenches of those early days.

And like you, I know what is most important to you, me and most every business owner I’ve ever met. It is one thing and one thing only.

To get more customers!

And not just warm blooded any bodies. But the ones who are the most profitable customers. The ones who will provide the best return with the least headache. This is the ultimate quest.

New customers are the life-blood of our business.

Keeping customers is easy. I am extremely proud of my retention rate. Many of my earliest clients are still with me.

This is possible because just like you, I know without any shred of doubt that I’m providing the best quality service humanly possible. I have invested heavily in being the best. The only thing that can stop me is kryptonite. But this is actually the easy part.

Your quality keeps your customers yours. But it’s the marketing that pulls them in.

The truth is…

Customers leave us no matter how good our service or product is. They sell their businesses and retire. They are bought by bigger business. They just want a change. They have too much of what we provide. They die.

For a number of reasons, they leave. And if you are not replacing them, you can’t grow. And in some cases, your business could die too.

My partner was great at keeping students. He was one of the best martial artists I’d ever met. But being the best doesn’t keep students from moving, going away to college, getting sick or any number of reasons people left our school. Being the best doesn’t mean a damn thing if you don’t know how to bring in new clients.

Someone will reap the rewards if you don’t

In fact, we watched other schools become more financially successful even though they couldn’t touch our quality. Why? Because they could market.

So the marketing keeps breathing life into our businesses. It is like a heart that pumps fresh blood through our veins.

While average to even good marketing drips in new customers, you know that dripping isn’t good enough. You know that if you can just amp up the marketing a little, take it from average to good or good to great, you could get even more customers.

What this can do for you

There can come a point where your marketing is working so well that it is bringing in so many new customers that you have gone beyond just making ends meet. If you can get your marketing rocking, you can move well beyond making ends meet to living the life of your dreams.

This may sound like hype. It’s not. I’ve lived it and have seen it reproduced again and again. I’ve also seen businesses miss the boat on this and struggle mightily.

It’s all about new customers. But more than that, it’s about getting as many new customers as you can handle.

A business needs to make money

I’ve been sharing my cutting edge strategy with clients for years. And before that, I used it on my own martial arts school. I’ve honed and perfected it. I’ve used all the newest cutting edge technology to ride the wave and keep new clients flowing for my clients and me.

I’ve been testing and tweaking it for over a decade. I’ve optimized it to the point where it’s like a printing press that when turned on churns out fresh new hundred dollar bills.

When I want more money, I just turn it on.

I teach it to my clients and now I want to share it with you in my upcoming live 2 hour workshop.

It is not getting easier

Another thing I am really good at is identifying what’s coming. I’ve been in tech since I graduated college (a long time ago).

I’ve seen and helped people make millions online. Yes, that sounds unbelievable, but it’s the truth.

But I’ve also seen it get much harder on the average business.

Recent changes and coming changes are closing doors fast for those not in the know. But for the few who recognize the signals and are ready to move they are going to experience unprecedented success online.

Come to the live workshop

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