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How To Get Started On Triberr Today

Triberr is a very powerful tool for content creators. In a nutshell, it is a social network for bloggers.

If you are a small business, you should be in the content creator business. This will equal more traffic, better traffic and ultimately more customers.

What Triberr does very well is allow you to amplify the reach of your content. Members will see much higher traffic and engagement on both their social networks and their blogs.

This blog post is meant to be a quick start guide to get you started on Triberr now. This assumes you have signed up for Triberr and have your profile and settings complete. You have your blog feeding into Triberr and have connected all your social networks.

You’re all set up… now what?

There is a lot more to Triberr than what I will cover here. I urge you to explore and learn. But my goal with this is to simply get you started so you can get more traffic to your blog. Follow these steps and you will have great results in no time.

One really important thing to remember: Triberr is first and foremost a social network. And on social networks you get what you give. And it always starts with giving first.

If you expect to setup an account and collect your traffic, you’re not going to be happy. Like any social network, you have to make connections, join the conversation and add value.

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Step #1 – Join Tribes

When you join a social network like Facebook or Twitter, the first thing that happens is that you connect with people. Once you do that, you will begin seeing their status updates in your news feed. The same process has to happen on Triberr. The difference is you see blog posts in your news feed which on Triberr is called the stream.

  • Click TRIBES at the top of the page.
  • Notice in the picture below, there are already tribes on my page. You need to add tribes before you will see this.


Explore New Tribes

  • Select the category you want to explore from the drop down menu.
  • Find the category that you most want to share content from and have them share you.

Tribe categories

  • You will see every tribe available within that category.
  • Click on the image of the tribe to see what the tribe is all about.
  • Within the tribe you can see the About and Members.
  • About will give you a brief description and show you the stream for that tribe.
  • Click the FOLLOW button if you want to become a member.

Follow This Tribe

A Member

A member of a tribe will have their blog posts appear in the stream of all other members and followers of that tribe. Members can share posts they see and other tribe members and followers can share theirs.

A Follower

A follower can see blog posts by other members and followers. However, their blog posts are not seen by other members and followers. To have your blog posts seen you must become a member of a tribe.

To become a member, you must first follow the tribe and then be promoted to a member by the tribe chief. You can also be invited to a tribe by a chief. Invitations will appear on your tribe page. The more you participate, the more invitations you will get.


When you see the reach of a tribe, this means the cumulative total of all member and followers social networks. If I have 11k followers and you have 11k followers and we are the only tribe members, our tribe can potentially reach 22k followers.

This is not to say you should look for only tribes with the largest reach. Quality over quantity always wins the day.

The Key

Find tribes that look like they will be a good fit for you and follow some. You don’t need to follow every tribe. Remember, the more you follow, the more you see in your stream. You can filter your stream view by tribe. But the big thing to remember is quality over quantity always wins.

 Other Ways To Find Tribes

  • If you know a member by name, search for them using the search bar on the top left of any screen.
  • Or from within a tribe you follow, click the members tab and click on a specific member to see more detail about them including what other tribes they are a member of.

Ralph M Rivera Triberr

Step #2 – Share Other People’s Content

As mentioned in step 1, you need to be a member to have other people see and share your content. The fastest path to becoming a member is to share other people’s content first.

  • Click STREAM on the top menu.
  • If you are a follower or a member of many tribes, you can filter by tribe to pare down your stream.

tribal stream

  • Go through your stream to find the content you want to share. You are not required to share anything. Pick what you like.
  • Sticky posts are promoted and will appear at the top.
  • When you find one you like, the big green SHARE button will share to all your connected networks.
  • Or click the smaller SHARE link to select only the networks you want to share to.

How to share

When you click the small SHARE link under the post, it will open the networks you are connected to. You can then choose to share to whichever you would like.

share manually to triberr

The more people whose content you share, the more they will see you. Below are my notifications that show all of the people who are sharing my content. When I see ‘Via @MichaelSBrooks’ at the end of the tweet I know I can safely assume they came from Triberr.

Hint: Triberr users (for the most part) are very active on Twitter.

Twitter notifications

As you are sharing content, take note of people you like. This will be important in step #4.

Step # 3 – Join The Conversation

Leaving comments on someone’s blog is a sure way to get on their radar. Assuming they are not spammy of course.

Triberr has made commenting an active part of the network. You can comment on someone’s post within Triberr. If they use Triberr comments on their blog, the comment will be live on their blog post. But it will also appear on Triberr in the CONVERSATIONS tab.

You can leave comments on blog posts as well as within tribes. As you use this feature, you will see how comments are woven into the platform in many ways.

In the example from Step #2 you can see someone left a comment on the blog post. This activity will increase your visibility which in turn will increase the likelihood of being invited to be a member of a tribe.

  • Leave comments on blog posts you like. The more active you are, the more people will want to know you.
  • If you want to become a member of a tribe you are following and sharing content from, introduce yourself within that tribe’s conversation.

tribe request

  • Every tribe is run by a chief. The chief is the only one who can promote a follower to a member or invite new members.
  • Every tribe has a member limit. Once maxed the chief cannot approve any more members.
  • Most chiefs will only approve active members. This means if they click on you and don’t see that you are sharing other people’s content, you probably won’t get many promotions to a member.
  • Remember, only members have their content appear in the stream of other members and followers.

Step #4 – Start Your Own Tribe

As you go through Step #2 and you share content, you will start to find people you really enjoy reading. A great way to become a member of a tribe is to start your own and then invite those people you like to join.

  • Click TRIBES from the top menu.
  • Click ADD TRIBE.

Start A Tribe

  • Name your tribe and select a category.

Name Your Tribe

  • Go into SETTINGS to add an optional header image and update the description.
  • Click on PROFILE to see what the public sees when they find your tribe.

my tribe

  • Find members you want to invite to your new tribe.
  • Click the big green SEND INVITE button.
  • Choose which tribes you want to invite them to.
  • They will get a notification email as well as see their invites on the TRIBE screen.
  • If they accept your invite, they will be a member. No need to promote them from a follower.

Invite Ian Cleary

  • Eventually, people will find your tribe and follow it.
  • You can promote them from a follower to member by clicking the MEMBER tab then click the ACTIONS button from within.

make a follower a member

Finally, the more active you are, the more invites you will receive. Below is my TRIBE page. All the tribes I have been invited to appear on the right. Once you receive invites (and you will) they will appear here for you as well.

My invites

Step #5 – Just Use It

There are no shortcuts to success on Triberr or any social network. The key is simple:

  • Create great content that people want to share.
  • Share other people’s content.
  • Comment on other people’s content.
  • Show your value then ask to be a member of tribes you follow.
  • Start your own tribe.

Make sure to look me up on Triberr. I’d love to hear how it goes for you.


  1. Ellory Wells on April 29, 2014 at 9:49 am

    Mike, I loved the video! It’s one of the most practical guides to getting started with Triberr; you and I must think alike.

    Do you use the WordPress plugin? I saw Dino talk about it, and I see the “token” under settings, but I’m wondering how useful it is.

    Talk soon!

  2. TONIA L. CLARK on April 29, 2014 at 11:59 am

    This is perfect! So many have asked me how Triberr works and this is exactly what I need to show them to break it down in simple steps. Thank you SO much Mike!

  3. Dino Dogan on April 30, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    Monster post, dude. 🙂

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