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When I coach people on content marketing for their business, the biggest objection I get is how hard it is to write a blog post. That it takes way too much time.

Well, I am about to debunk the time debate. It’s easy and I can show you how I can write a blog post very quickly and how you can too.

But first, I want you to read the sub headlines (the sentences in the larger size font) only. Read them and then go back and read the rest. If you want to see them all by themselves, click here. It is important to illustrate the main point here.

You can also listen to this as a podcast here.

Ok, let’s begin…

Just start writing

This is often the hardest part. Pick your topic and get started.

But when you start, the first thing I want you to do is…

Write only one sentence at a time

No long paragraphs. You’re not William Shakespeare. You’re a person writing content for a business.

Forget trying to write the next great New York Times best seller and write something useful to your prospects and customers. Answer a question they have about your product or service. Educate them on what you do.

Forget about SEO

Instead of worrying about what a search engine wants, write about what a human wants. The search engine optimization will take care of itself if you are writing useful and valuable content that people want to share.

In fact, as a guy who does SEO for clients I will tell you the more you try to ‘SEO’ your content, the worse it will probably be for your human reader. Plus it could very well have the opposite effect on your SEO.

Treat it like instructions

Just list out the easy steps to accomplish whatever you’re trying to teach. If you’re answering a question like… I don’t know… say, how to write a blog post for your business really fast, then just list out the simple steps people should take.

Like I am doing here

Remember, we’re not writing high art. We’re simply trying to be helpful to our customer.

The biggest obstacle is one people create for themselves. They just demand perfection. They create an unachievable vision of perfection and then give up. Just write like you speak it and it will come out just fine.

You can always have someone go back and copy edit it for you to fix any spelling and grammar mistakes. Just like I am going to do… Hi Carol Lynn Rivera.

SUP! (She edited that in while copy editing this).

Make sure every word you write is needed

Another question people ask is how long should it be? The answer is as long as it needs to be and not a word longer.

Get to the point as quickly and simply as you can. Go back later and remove any words that don’t move things forward.

Think of this like an outline

Once you finish your one sentence at a time blog post you have an outline. It will be logically understandable all by itself if you do it right.

The outline will be sub headlines (or second reader path)

A second reader path is for skimmers. These are people who will later scan the blog post to see what it is about.

The second reader path does two things.

  1. Draws interest.
  2. Gets the main point across

Sub heads should be understandable by themselves

I already said this but it’s worth repeating. If someone reads the sub headlines/second reader path on its own, they should be able to understand what the blog post is about.

Did you do what I asked in the beginning and read the sub heads first? Pretty cool, eh?

Later we go back and fill in the blanks

Once I have my one sentence blog post written, I go back and format them with a larger font. Just like you see here. That’s how they stand out as sub headlines/second reader path.

Under each sub headline I simply expand on that one thought.

Write an opening

This is where I explain why the topic I’m writing about is important. This is the first two paragraphs that open the post. Go back and read them again up top.

I simply explain why I wrote this, why it’s important and what people will get out of it.

And then we wrap it up

The final step is to close the loop. We open it now we have to close it.

I wrote this because I want to show you how to write a blog post fast. I want to take the pain and fear out of this.

Hopefully I accomplished that. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know… This is me wrapping it up in case you didn’t get that…

And boom! You’ve got a blog post…

Drops the mic