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Are You Wasting Time On Marketing That Doesn’t Work?

There’s one big thing I’ve found again and again that puts the air brakes on a marketing strategy. In this episode 85 of the Nuclear Chowder Marketing Podcast I am going to share a couple stories that illustrate.

The first is about a phone conversation I had with a potential client. He was referred to us by another client.

On the call I actually tried to talk him out of hiring us. I do this more often than you might think, by the way.

He wasn’t ready for us. He had a bigger issue that needed to be resolved first. And this issue is what was stopping all his advertising and marketing from working. All he needed to do was fix this and he’d finally see a return on all his marketing dollars.

The second story is about a client I am currently working with to create a marketing sequence. It’s a mix of direct mail and online lead capture into a high ticket purchase.

My client put the time and effort into doing the very specific things I discuss on the podcast. This is precisely what the prospect from the first story needed to do.

When you do this, you can spend your marketing dollars wisely because you know you can bring in $3 (or more) for every $1 spent.

That is powerful.

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… And make sure you listen to this episode. It is really REALLY important stuff.