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Last week I told you about the new iPhone app called CityHour. The app has one purpose: to connect people. If meeting business professionals is in your game plan, this app is for you. Check out CityHour here.

In this podcast episode #53 I talk to Lance Seymour who is the head of marketing for CityHour. If you want to know exactly what CityHour is and the best way to use it to maximize your networking, this is a must listen podcast.

Here’s how to use CityHour

Download it to your iPhone only. Droid is coming soon.

There is more to the app than I will cover here. These instructions are designed to get you started.

It is very easy to use. The best way to learn is to just dig in and play around with it.

Set up your profile

At the home screen, click the icon on the top right. This opens your profile page. Set your criteria for searching other people to connect with. You can change your location as you travel to find people where you are.

CityHour setup

Pick your category

I have left my category set to ALL because it doesn’t matter to me. But if you want to meet only accountants then you can filter everyone else out.

CityHour business category

Pick your purpose


CityHour interests


Find people to network with

Just click the button to start searching. It will bring up people within your search criteria.

Search for people to network with

Connect with people

You can review their profiles, add people to your CityHour contacts and request a meeting. If a person is in your CityHour contacts, this screen will have messaging option, meet option as well as their personal contact information.


city hour meeting requestAdvanced stuff

Once you have things set and have people in your CityHour contacts you can find people to connect with, tie in your calendar and more. You can access this screen by clicking the icon on the top left.

City Hour setup

Why CityHour?

In a nutshell: it lets you set up face-to-face meetings with professionals both in and out of your network that are a match for you based on a variety of commonalities such as industry, location and meeting goals.

  • Digital networking with a purpose. Unlike LinkedIn where people send invites for seemingly little reason, CityHour is for people who really want to make a connection.
  • In person meetings are where the magic happens. There is no better way to make a real connection than in-person. When you meet someone face-to-face, shake their hand and have a conversation it forms a much stronger and longer lasting bond. People you know personally are much more likely to hire and/or do business with you. CityHour is a simple tool that makes it easy.
  • Easy but powerful. This app is simple yet has many advanced features.  You can schedule meetings anywhere, anytime, send in-app messages, and much more.

Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo

I have to legally (and ethically) let you know that I am getting paid for this and the previous blog post as part of an influence marketing campaign for CityHour. But here’s the deal; I wouldn’t have accepted this unless I would have been willing to write about it of my own accord. Bottom line is I love this app and want everyone to get on it so I can connect with you.

Make sure to look me up and connect with me on CityHour. Can’t wait to network with you!