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newtown sandy hookCalling all Internet Marketers… Because of my proximity, many of you have asked me what can be done to assist the people of Newtown and Sandy Hook.  I have decided to put together a fund raiser to help and I am asking for Internet Marketers to participate.

For those who do not know, I live in Southbury, CT.  I am just about 10 minutes from Sandy Hook Elementary school.  I have deep ties to that community and have known many kids who went through that school.

I drive through Newtown often.  In fact I drove right through Sandy Hook the day it happened.

This tragedy has affected me deeply as it has many all across the world.  For this reason I am putting this fund raiser together.

We need your help.  We need product donations and time donations.  The idea is that people will pay one price, probably $97.  Then they get, hopefully, a load of fantastic, high value ebooks, training videos, programs, software, etc.

They also get access to a webinar conference which, depending upon how many people participate, will be one or more days.  If you want to offer your time, let me know your topic and you will get a slot to present.  No pitching.  You can offer them a way to get more info or free content on the webinar.  But it cannot be a hard pitch.

You can offer a product, your time for the webinar or both.  The webinar will also be recorded and provided to everyone who buys.

You can donate any information product, software, webinar, etc that you would like.  The only rules are that it needs to be a real value without an opt in.  Once the buyer pays, they need to be able to download the offerings from our webpage.

We will put a sales page up with a Paypal order button that goes straight into the fund.  Once they pay, they get access to all the products donated.

The money will be going to the Kiwanis Club of Danbury’s foundation.  This is a 5013c and donations are tax deductible.  100% of the funds, (aside from Paypal’s cut, will go straight to help our friends in Sandy Hook.

I am a member of this club.  If you’re not familiar, Kiwanis is a service club that focuses on kids.

This club happens to have members and serves the Newtown community.  The Kiwanis club of Littleton Colorado have been advising us on how to use the money to help the community based on their experience after Columbine.

I would love to have you on board to 1: donate a product to this fund raiser and/or 2: donate your time for the webinar and 3: promote the offer to your list.  The order page will be on this website once we are ready to promote.

There is a letter from the club right on the home page that explains further what we will be doing.  I also filmed this short video explaining. The quality isn’t great. But it will give you the details…


Again, would love for you to be a part of this.   Please register by using the form below.  You can also send me an email if you prefer.  But the form will allow me to communicate with everyone much easier.


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