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By now, you’ve probably at least heard of the relatively new social network known as Pinterest.  In a nutshell, Pinterest is an online bulletin board that you ‘pin’ images to.

That’s how I referred to it until I interviewed Pinterest expert Cynthia Sanchez for this episode of the Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business podcast.  She explains it perfectly.  Pinterest is like a filing cabinet where you can organize all your photos.


Some Amazing Results

However you like to define it, Pinterest is an increasingly important social network.  First, Google seems to really like it.  This means if you are pinning (that’s what they call uploading images to the network) you will help improve your search results.

As of July, the network has about 70 million users, a large portion are from high income households and, most importantly, Pinterest users are spending money as a result of the network.  Many businesses that are actively and strategically using Pinterest are seeing some great results.

I Was Paying Attention

Like Lori Ruff did with my Linkedin profile in the podcast episode where I interviewed her, Cynthia did a little critiquing of my Pinterest page.  One big piece of advice I took resulted in the branding of the image you see here in these show notes.  Just one of the many great tips Cynthia shared on this episode.

Listen To The Podcast Episode

This episode is choc full of great advice on what Pinterest is and how to use it in your business.  You can listen by clicking the player above or click here to listen on iTunes.  And I would love it if you rated and reviewed this podcast while you’re at it…

For a world of great information on Pinterest, check out Cynthia’s site  And make sure to listen to Cynthia’s great podcast which you will also find on iTunes as well as her website.

What Is Your Opinion?

Are you having success using Pinterest in your business?  Share your tips in the comments section below.