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For the past few weeks, I’ve been using MavSocial. I have posted two blogs/podcasts about it as part of a campaign that I am being paid to be a part of. You can read the other posts here:

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The Secret Weapon For Managing Images On Social Media where I dig a little deeper into the tool in an interview with MavSocial founder Matthew Holden.

I am hooked. It’s a great tool and I’ve added it to my Social Media Management arsenal.

In this blog post, I want to share with you how I am now using MavSocial. I am going to go through the features that I use although I am not using them all. I recommend you sign up for a free account and take it for a test drive.

Image Management

One of the things I really like is keeping all my photos in one spot. I have a real problem organizing things. The problem being I am really bad at organizing things.

I can spend huge chunks of time trying to find something I just saved. And in the end, not being able to find it.

So problem solved. The images I want to use in social media are uploaded into this tool. Not only does it make it easy to find, but now I can zap them over to whichever social network I want, when I want.

MavSocial Image and Media Management Tool

I even managed to open a rift in space and time by uploading an image of an image of the media library. Chew on that for a minute.

Editing Photos

There is actually quite a bit you can do with your images with their editing tool. You can add text as I did with this image I used on a recent blog post:

my image


The writing you see on this image was added using MavSocial. It created a new copy of it so I can go back and edit the original again with different effects if I want to.

By the way, this image doesn’t exist on my computer. Only on MavSocial. If it was on my computer, I probably wouldn’t have been able to find it. Instead, I saved a copy to my computer from MavSocial to upload it here to this blog. Pretty nifty.

Another interesting little tidbit… When I published the original blog post, it received no engagement. But when I published this image with a link to the same blog post it was shared and liked.

Here’s another nice little handy feature. In the image below, I didn’t remember to name it before uploading it to my library. So I just changed the filename right in MavSocial. I love easy.

MavSocial Edit Photo

That’s a picture of me not doing work on my house by the way. I enjoy taking pictures of people I hired to do work on my house much more than I enjoy doing it. Just thought you might want to know that.

Scheduling and Posting

Let’s face it, it isn’t difficult to take an image and upload it to Facebook, then Twitter, then LinkedIn, etc. But doing it from one spot is much more efficient. When I can make something easier, it tends to stand a much better chance of getting done.

The interface is very simple and straightforward. You find an image in your library or you can purchase a stock image through MavSocial, you write whatever you’d like, add a link, choose the networks/pages you want to publish to and then either publish them or schedule them.


You can view a lot of information on MavSocial. I can go and look at my calendar to see what’s scheduled and what I posted in the past. I can go back in and even republish something if I like.

mavsocial calendar

I can drill down into specific posts or see things over time to see what kind of engagement I am getting. Over time it really paints a useful picture of how things are going. And the more I can find out about what’s working on my social channels, the better I can optimize things in the future.

MavSocial reporting

In Conclusion

Get it. Try it. I really like it and think you will too.

Yes, I am getting paid to write this, but I am not obligated to say anything I don’t believe in. And I believe this is a great tool.

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