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Last night I was thrilled and honored to have won the grand prize as the top producer during the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce’s membership drive for 2013.  The prize was awarded to me for bringing the most new members into the Chamber during their 45 day drive.

I really never expected to win; demonstrated by the fact that I didn’t even know the details of the prize.  I had thrown out the list that explained the prizes. Turns out that the grand prize is an all expense paid trip to New York City, complete with a Broadway show.  But honestly, I wasn’t in it to win it… I was in it because I know the Waterbury Chamber rocks and EVERY business should be a member.

Mike Brooks Nuclear Chowder Wins Waterbury, CT Chamber Contest

Membership Director Cathy Dalton, Mike Brooks and Chamber President Lynn Ward

The Waterbury Chamber of Commerce has been truly transforming for me and my business, Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC.  And I have to thank my two great mentors who brought me into the Chamber and taught me how to leverage it to the fullest: Barbara Branagan-Mitchell and Kevin O’Driscoll.  These two showed me what networking can really be and how to do it right.

I have been in the chamber now for just over two years and going strong.  I’ve built a tremendous amount of business from the chamber over this time.  Not only have I built business relationships but have also built great friendships.

I was very reluctant to join the Chamber at first.  I had been in other Chamber’s in the past and found it hard to make it work for me.  It all changed with Waterbury.  They are a very large Chamber but there is a really friendly, warm small town feel to it.  Their networking opportunities are always just that: networking opportunities.  They provide a great environment in which to make great connections to grow your business.

So a big thank you to Chamber President Lynn Ward and Membership Director Cathy Dalton pictured above.   As well as the rest of the staff and the sponsors such as Janco Business Systems.  Also, my thanks to my ambassador team who also won the team award for the drive.