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Show number 2 coming at you. This one is kind of a continuation of the last show. We are talking about content creation again.

Here’s the biggest hurdle I see in common with many of the people I speak to on this topic. Clients, coaching clients and people in my network have this in common.

They take way too much time to go out and start creating content. They over think it in an effort to make it perfect. They put all sorts of rules and restrictions on what they do. They create unrealistic expectations.

Then, they don’t get started because they don’t have time or the task at hand is just too daunting.

Sound familiar? If it does, sorry but the truth will set you free. There is nothing I can think of that you can do to make your business stand out, than to have a content strategy that brands you and your business.

At the end of the day, there is one thing and one thing only that matters here. And that is to create great content. If the content is tremendously valueable, nothing else matters.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the bells and whistles a site could possibly have. If the content is strong, you will accomplish your goals. Conversely, if the site looks awesome but the content stinks, the result will be a big fail.

As I created this post, my site is bare boned and basic. Downright unprofessionaly ugly and missing important features such as a subscriber box.

But I don’t care about that. What I care about is that the content is strong. Because if it is, people will get to know me and they will come back for more.

The site will change as time goes by. But I launched it before anything was done to make a point. I want you to realize how unimportant all these hurdles are that people put in front of themselves.

By the way, just to prove I launched before any design work was done, here’s a picture of the site on launch day:

Here is the transcript between me and my web designer this morning:

Stephen: we should probably get a coming soon splash page up

Stephen: did you decide a logo?

Mike Brooks: launching it while it isn’t done to make a point

Mike Brooks: no clue on a logo. i am super uncreative when it comes to that

Mike Brooks: you can leave it logo less for now unless someone has a brilliant idea

Stephen: oh ok 🙂

Mike Brooks: i have no problem building it a little at a time. again, it makes the point that the most important thing is the content

Mike Brooks: i am the opposite of artistic.

Stephen: LOL

Mike Brooks: an old partner of mine always makes fun of my header graphics. he would look at it and then after a long pause ask if I made it. that was his nice way of saying ‘this header is horrible’

Stephen: hehehheehhe its like the little kid bringing home the drawing from school to hang on the fridge or the desk at work

Mike Brooks: except my daughter has drawn better then me since she was 4

I hope this motivates you to start your engines and get rolling. Now, please do these two very important things…

1: Leave a comment below and let me know what your number one challenge is with starting on your content creation strategy.

2: Pass this along to a friend who you know is struggling with creating content.