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Here it is, the big milestone in a young podcast’s life: the 100th episode. It’s been two months since I’ve published a podcast and it’s great to be back!

On this episode:

  • Ralph M. Rivera and Carol Lynn Rivera of the Web.Search.Social podcast punk me
  • Alisa Merideth from the Super Heroes of Podcasting and Jeff Sieh from Manly Pinterest Tips podcasts stop by to say hi.
  • Chris Curran from Podcast Engineering School, several podcasts and Fractal Recording says something nice about me
  • I explain why I took over two months off from podcasting
  • I share a really important, and simple, LinkedIn tip that everyone should be doing. This one thing that the vast majority of people don’t do will immediately separate you from the crowd on LinkedIn, give you a unique advantage and ultimately get you more quality connections.

I also created a video where I walk you through what I talk about in this week’s episode.

LinkedIn Marketing Success Academy

On this episode I mentioned the upcoming three hour LinkedIn training I will be hosting for 20 professionals. If you’re in Connecticut click here to get all the details.