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If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know I want you to create content for your blog.  It’s important for so many reasons to create your own unique and valuable content.

When you create content, you are building your credibility, expertise and authority in your niche.  You’re also potentially building rapport with people who may want to buy whatever it is you sell.  People like to do business with those they know, like and trust.  So getting in front of them with valuable content on a regular basis is a way to earn that.  It is also really important to build up your search engine rankings.

I’ll be sharing more on each of the points above in a lot more detail in new shows.  We’re going to spend a lot of time examining how to create content because it is just so important.  So make sure to check back here often.

One thing we’re going to discuss a lot, is getting content out there regularly.  Because you can really never stop.  Imagine a newspaper just one day deciding to skip a few weeks of publication?  How long would they stay in business?

In this week’s Nuclear Chowder Show, (my online video program where I share what’s working for small businesses in Internet Marketing), I am going to share how I almost missed a week of publishing.  I almost didn’t hit my weekly content goal.  And it was for a reason you’re likely to run into too.

The sad thing is that I have weeks of content to publish sitting in the bank.  I am actually 4 weeks ahead of my content but here I am scurrying to get something out.

I got paralysis by analysis.  I started looking at the content I had ready and over analyzing it.  The end result was that I didn’t push out content that I should have.

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This is one of those stumbling blocks you may encounter as you implement your content strategy.  Check out the video above to see the whole story and then remember to leave a comment.