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The Nuclear Chowder Podcast Show

What Happens In Vegas Gets Podcasted About #NMX

By Mike Brooks | January 17, 2014

New Media Expo took place this past January 4th through the 6th in Las Vegas. Although it was a challenge getting there through snowpocalypse 2014, (my flight barely and scarily got off the ground), the event was excellent.

In Social Media, You Get What You Give

By Mike Brooks | December 31, 2013

We’ve seen massive changes from Google, Facebook and many other online platforms. We’ve seen new platforms take shape and young ones break away from the pack. The online world has transformed in just one short year.

One of my big prediction for 2014 is that businesses will need to step up their social media strategy.

Podcasters Unite For Holiday Mashup To Talk Social Media Marketing

By Mike Brooks | December 24, 2013

Dino Dogan brings together 3 other podcasters for this first ever group podcast. Each of us is syndicating the episode to our own show channels on Christmas Eve Day.

Each podcaster brings their expertise in social media. You name it and we talked about it. From giving birth to content to publishing to engagement to marketing it and more.

How To Get On TV In 3 Simple Steps

By Mike Brooks | December 18, 2013

Fran Harris has taught thousands of people how to get on TV. And when you listen to this, episode 37 of The Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business podcast, you’ll hear why.

Things You Need To Know About Using Images

By Mike Brooks | November 27, 2013

If you are using images for your website, blog and even social channels, this is information you need to understand. Abusing this could cost you a lot of money. Find out why on this podcast episode 36

Grow Your Business By Hosting Live Events

By Mike Brooks | November 20, 2013

Putting on a live event is not easy. But it can be very rewarding to your personally and your business if done right.

Basil shares tips and tricks for hosting your own event with ease. He gave some very surprising ideas on different types of events to host.

Like Customers? You’ll Find This Podcast Very Pinteresting

By Mike Brooks | November 5, 2013

Pinterest expert Cynthia Sanchez joins me for this episode of the Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business podcast. This episode is choc full of great advice on what Pinterest is and how to use it in your business.

Show Me The Funny – Content Marketing And Humor

By Mike Brooks | October 29, 2013

The way to hook someone into your content so that they are leaning on your every word is with a story. And if that story makes them laugh or even just smile, you’ve got em.

How To Get Quoted In The Media For Free

By Mike Brooks | October 15, 2013

What would it mean to your business to be a featured expert on CNN, Forbes, USA Today or similar media outlets?  You would be seen as an instant expert.  You would also, if you set things up right, see an immediate spike in web traffic and social media activity.  All really good things for your […]

The Google Hummingbird Algorithm Change Demystified

By Mike Brooks | October 4, 2013

In this episode of the Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business podcast, Stephen Gardner and I talk about the new Hummingbird algorithm change, (and some other not as big changes). We are here to tell you: don’t panic.

How To Get A New Site Found On Google

By Mike Brooks | September 24, 2013

So you’ve just moved your brand new website onto the internet. It’s live for all to see. But as far as Google and the other search engines are concerned, you’re invisible.

Even for websites that have been published for quite some time, they too can be invisible in search. A site can also be penalized by Google for a number of reasons and all the sudden disappear without warning.

Online Marketing Makeover Training Course Begins

By Mike Brooks | September 19, 2013

In training video #1 I discuss the 30,000 foot view which sets the table for the entire process and course itself. One of the problems I see today in online marketing is that people are led to believe doing “this one thing” can make the phone ring of the hook. If you only setup a Facebook page, customers will be drawn to your door like zombies with wads of cash in their hands.