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In last Tuesday’s episode 87 I recommended that you do what I do for content creation: to answer questions in your blog/podcast. This is the single best strategy I believe you can use to come up with content that will help you get more customers.

One of the questions I actually get asked more than any other is about the name of my company. So in this episode, I thought I’d answer it.

Now I do want to mention that a big reason to use this strategy is because if someone asks you something, there’s a good chance others may be asking it in Google. And then you have a chance to be found on that search term. Great for SEO.

But I don’t know if there are many people asking Google why Mike Brooks calls his company Nuclear Chowder Marketing.

But keep in mind, the real big goal is to attract actual readers. To grab their attention and engage with them in a human way.

So while answering this question here may not help my SEO, I know actual humans are interested in knowing this.

What’s in a name?

For every 3 people I meet in a professional capacity, at least 1 will ask me what Nuclear Chowder means. This is usually followed with the question of how and why I came up with the name.

It’s something people genuinely want to know. And when they ask, they are usually smiling because of the fun nature of the name.

Why did I name it Nuclear Chowder Marketing? So I could answer a question while they were listening intently.

Here’s the problem

Today people are bombarded with marketing messages. There are galaxies of blogs out there vying for readership. There are distractions galore.

So why should someone listen to me? And how am I going to get them to really listen?

If you go to a lot of networking events for your business you know it’s like a moving parade. You meet a new person and they tell you what they do. But you’re not really listening. You’re making small talk in hopes you’ll have the opportunity to get a customer.

Admit it. We all do it.

Good marketing gets people’s attention and holds it so you can break through all that noise. Great marketing magnetically demands attention and gets them intently listening and remembering you long after you walk away.

It’s a marketing lesson

Nuclear Chowder quite simply is a pattern interrupt. When someone sees my card or hears my name, it stops them in their tracks. In that moment, they are really paying attention to me. They want to hear the answer to that burning question.

At that moment they are not thinking about what they are going to say to me when I stop talking. They want to know. And that demands full attention.

I named the company Nuclear Chowder Marketing so people would stop whatever they were doing at that moment and place their rapt attention squarely on what I am saying. It’s my foot in the door to have a discussion on marketing and show folks I know what I am talking about.

They learn something. About me and about marketing in general. And that is valuable when you can help someone and they see how it can help them too.

And it works. People remember me. They pay attention. And they buy from me.

Talk to me

How will you incorporate this kind of marketing into what you do? I’d like to know. Here are all my social media channels for you to let me know.

The video version

This episode was also captured for video. In addition to being able to listen on iTunes and Stitcher, you can watch the video version on Youtube.