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I recently did an unofficial poll asking groups the following questions:

1: Who does email marketing? And then…
2: Who wants to?

The results were a little scary.

In a room full of small business owners and professionals only a very small percentage raised their hands to question 1.

Another very small percentage raised their hand to question 2.

I don’t quite understand why that is. Especially considering email is one of the most inexpensive and effective marketing tools they have.

I invite you to take part in this ongoing survey. Just click here to take the 3 question survey.

For only $20 per month anyone has access to an email marketing system such as Aweber (which by the why I use and highly recommend). You can get a free trial here.

But the absolute best part of that is once people are on your list, you now have the ability to market to them on demand for free.

It costs nothing to send an email outside of the monthly $20 fee. Doesn’t matter whether you send an email once a month or once a day.

This is instant communication with your prospects and customers. I cannot understand for the life of me why anyone would not want in on this easy marketing.

If you’re reading this do let me know what you think. I really want to know.

Watch the Podcast Recording

You can go over to and answer 3 questions.

You can also email me, leave a comment below, hit me on social media… Whatever.

I really want to know why any business owner wouldn’t jump at email marketing. And if there is something I can do to help them get into it, I certainly want to know what that is.

[clickToTweet tweet=”To not do email marketing is to freely leave gobs of money on the table.” quote=”To not do email marketing is to freely leave gobs of money on the table.”]

If you are one of those businesses who get this and want to increase the open rates on your emails, make sure to get my new free training:

And lastly, here is the PSA I mentioned on this episode. If you take credit cards, read this now!