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Podcast 99 -Making Linkedin Work For Your Business With Mike Shelah

LinkedIn is a super powerful and important tool for professionals. When used correctly LinkedIn can help you build your network, find and get introduced to your ideal prospects, and show your value and worth to the world.

In this episode, my guest is Mike Shelah. Mike is a LinkedIn expert and consultant. He helps businesses to understand and get more out of their efforts on LinkedIn.Mike Shelah Linkedin Expert

Here’s a sneak peek at what Mike and I talked about in this episode:

  • How and why to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you stand out from the crowd
  • I challenge Mike to prove me wrong about things I HATE about LinkedIn
  • Attracting the right people to your profile
  • LinkedIn SEO
  • Is it worth it to pay for their premium services?
  • An action plan for prospecting on LinkedIn

Learn more about Mike Shelah here. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts, questions and feedback in the comments below.

A question for you

The next episode of this podcast is a big milestone. It will be the 100th episode.

So I have a favor to ask. I’d like to know what you get out of this show. What do you like, don’t like, want more of, etc. I’d like to include all of you who listen each week in this special episode.

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1 Comment

  1. Mike Shelah on March 5, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    Thank you for interviewing me

    Since this interview have learned a technique.

    I add people to my email spam list without their permission and put it on them to unsubscribe I put a silly disclaimer at the bottom of the email telling them they got the spam because they subscribed to my website. Of course this is baloney.

    I know it’s an evil technique, but then again I am evil Mike Shelah [email protected]

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