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I had a great conversation with Ryan Hanley on this episode of the podcast. You can listen here, on iTunes or Stitcher. Also, would really LOVE a rating and review if you enjoy the show.

You can learn all about Ryan over on And his book Content Warfare is available on Amazon.

Here’s what Ryan shared:

  • I ask how to make something like insurance sexy… According to Ryan it isn’t about making it sexy. It is about telling your story. It is about being truly unique from everyone else.
  • Ryan gave some great mental illustrations on how to do this whether you’re in insurance or any other niche.
  • Why he won’t waste his time with people he has to convince they need content marketing
  • I threw out some of the objections I get all the time from businesses when it comes to content marketing. He handled them like a pro.
  • The perfect content example for any website
  • I share a story about a friend and insurance agent: Jim Eagan. The result is a great piece of content someone like Jim, but really anybody, could use to get a ton more business.
  • Why and how to write a book. Ryan shared the process he went through writing Content Warfare.

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