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Podcast episode 79

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What I discussed on this episode

I highly recommend you check out the Web.Search.Social podcast with Ralph and Carolyn Rivera. They are catching up to my 79 episodes because they cheat and do more than one a week. But… their show is awesome!

Today we continue the conversation on Effective Web Design and SEO. If you have not had a chance to listen to the other episodes in the series, here they are:

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SEO Part 1 – What Google Wants | Good News Bad News

SEO Part 2 – The Four Cs Of Effective Web Design And SEO

Part 3 is all about Conversions

A conversion is when something changes. An action of some kind is taken.

When a person goes from a prospect to a customer, that is a conversion. But a conversion can also be an appointment being set, a person driving by your store, seeing a sign and stopping in. It can be a person going to your website and then signing up for your email newsletter.

Podcast Mock Player 79

Resources mentioned:

AWR (Advanced Web Ranking)

Raven Tools


Crazy Egg