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Each year more and more new social media management tools come out to help make your social media life easier. However where most fail is in that they don’t make your social media life easier in any way shape or form. In fact, they make it more complex with their tool that was marketed as something to make things simpler. #Frustrating.

You have to learn the tool. Then you have to add it onto the layers of other social tools and platforms you’re already using. Now you have yet another disconnected and cumbersome tool that was supposed to streamline things.

The rare gems that get this right don’t act as a layer. They meld right into your social media routine and become a harmonious social network themselves. They become more than a new thing to manage. This is a very difficult feat.

Only a few get it right

For example, if you follow my stuff you know I love It’s a social media management tool. However it is also their own social platform. I don’t need to use it instead of some other app. It is not simply a new layer to cover the other layer of social media platform management. It doesn’t add more work for me.

And Triberr is where I found out about MavSocial. I was asked to participate in a campaign in which I would get paid to write about MavSocial (as I am for this blog post). Income disclaimer below…

You should check MavSocial out

This is their explainer video. It shows you the basics of MavSocial and why you might want to try it out. I’ve created some additional videos below that will show you how I’ve been using it. Click here for a free account.

Now, while I do get paid for writing this, I only join campaigns that are of interest and value to me. So if the product looks like it stinks, I won’t participate.

My other caveat is I will write the truth whether they pay me or not. If I don’t like something, I will say so.

And there are indeed a few things I do not like about MavSocial which I’ll share below. These things certainly are not deal breakers. There are way more things I like than don’t. But in fairness, I have to be honest.

What MavSocial is

MavSocial is a cloud based tool to manage all of your digital assets: Images/photos, videos and audio. It serves as one place to manage all of your digital files, catalog them and then share them to your social networks. In many ways it is like Hootsuite but for visual and audio files.

Overall, I really like MavSocial and highly recommend trying it out. They do offer a free account so there’s nothing to lose there.

Here are some videos I filmed that will show you how I’ve been using it. These will explain what I feel are some of the key functions.

Now, I am still playing with this tool. Each time I try something, I’ve been finding more uses. But these videos are really designed to share the basics.

In these first two videos I dig into the guts of it: Managing and sharing your images.

How to enhance images with MavSocial

Creating Unique Image Content With MavSocial

In the next video I show off one of the tools I really like: The RSS Content Manager.

How To Find And Share Social Media Content With MavSocial

What I like

  • One central place to upload all my digital assets. They can be organized, labeled for easy finding and re-used as needed.
  • It looks like this will be an alternative place where I can store my podcast audios. I am not positive how this will work yet but will ask the founder of MavSocial when I interview him next week on my Nuclear Chowder podcast.
  • They have a direct link to purchase stock images from Getty Images and Big Stock Photos
  • The Post Master. Publish once and post to all your social accounts. Posts can be scheduled in advance.
  • RSS Content. You can take a web site that you like to share content from and set up their feed. Then you click the RSS Content tab on MavSocial and you can review articles and share them out from there. Very convenient.


  • This really is the best solution I’ve seen for managing images for social sharing. The digital asset library keeps everything in one simple place and easily searchable.
  • LOVE the ability to edit and enhance photos within this tool
  • The campaigns tab. This is just ingenuous.
  • It builds out a campaign calendar based on what I’ve posted. Now there’s more ways to use this, but I am not great at managing things in this way and this tool gives me an easy and visual way to organize my posts.
  • I love that they create this visual history for me of what I’ve already done. So if I post something to Facebook, I can see it on the calendar. I can open that post and repost it to Facebook again or to another network.

What I don’t like

  • It was confusing to get started. I should say that the more I used it, the easier I found it to use. But when I first started using it I just wasn’t getting it.
  • They need more help videos. They have videos that talk about the company but only one (the explainer video above) that shows the product itself. A more robust suite of training videos would be helpful…. Like the ones I made.
  • I should also mention, because I didn’t get it easily, I almost opted out of this campaign. But as I’ve grown to love MavSocial, I am real glad I didn’t.
  • If you try to tag someone in a post, it will not activate (become clickable) in Facebook. So if I add @RalphMRivera to tag my friend Ralph, it will just be text over on Facebook. However, this is out of their control as it is a Facebook API issue. Hopefully Facebook will allow them access to this service.
  • Another issue out of MavSocial’s control is it doesn’t work with Pinterest. Of course nothing works with Pinterest because they won’t allow it. Lighten up Pinterest… please.

All in All

Mav Social has created a very nice way for me to manage and share my digital assets. But more than that, they’ve created an excellent social media management tool.

There are some things I’d like to see improved upon but the positives well outweigh any negatives. And I get the strong feeling they’re just getting started. I expect the platform to become even better over time.

I most definitely recommend anyone and everyone who is serious about their social media to register for a free account. I think you’re going to like it!