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How Smart Marketing Can Help You Meet .Me In Texas

me domain names

Alright, first off, this is a sponsored blog post which means I get paid to write it. But don’t let that stop you from reading. I wouldn’t write about something just to make money.

And we’re not talking put my kid through college money. We’re talking buy my kid a few Beatles shirts money. (She’s thirteen and LOVES the Beatles. How cool is that?)

Why I am getting paid to write this

I am working with the .ME people for an influence campaign, which essentially helps them amplify their message. Something every brand should be doing. The smart brand I am writing about is .ME.

What this means is I am getting paid to blog about the .ME loyalty program. However, I’d never blog about anything I didn’t think would be of value to my readers and clients.

The .ME loyalty program is a great case study in good marketing. That is reason enough for me to share it with you. So let’s get into it.

What is .ME?

.ME is one of the many new TLDs (Top Level Domain) you see or will see out there. What is a TLD you ask? Whatever comes after the dot in a URL is the TLD. .Com, .Net, Org and of course .ME are all TLDs.

New TLDs are coming out all the time. Saw one today for .Photography. I am personally waiting for .Batman so I can grab Batman.Batman.

Tweet: I will get Batman.Batman before @MichaelSBrooks does. #GauntletThrown

And by the way, for those with the same sense of humor as me, these are already taken I checked.

  • Help.ME
  • Hurt.ME
  • Why.ME
  • Me.ME
  • Bite.ME
  • Eat.ME
  • PleasePlease.ME

And a bunch more like that. Not sure what I would have done with them other than made myself chuckle. But I digress.


I recently and serendipitously purchased my very first .ME domain. JustMarketing.ME.

The .ME people know exactly what their brand represents. They want it to be personal. They say: “.ME is about you”.

Just Marketing mention: when you know what your brand represents and you can communicate that with passion, you can create more than brand awareness: You can create a passionate movement.

The message of Just Marketing is something that I am very passionate about. One I want to share with the world. In fact, it is more than a message. It is my core belief and mission.

Because it is so personal to me and it is what I am about, I decided to use the .ME brand to amplify my new message. What more perfect way to share me than through .ME

How to beat the competition

There’s this big trade show happening in a really fun part of Texas (I am not allowed to mention the trade show by name due to terms of this promotion by .ME. But I can tell you it is a really big and very popular trade show, it is held on March 7-11, 2014 and in Bizarro world it would probably be called North by North East.). And to help spread the .ME name, the folks at .ME are running a promotion to send some lucky folks there for free.

.ME has put together a loyalty program to send you or me (hopefully me) to Texas. In doing this, they are doing something their competition isn’t doing.

As I mentioned, there are new TLDs coming on the market all the time. .ME recognizes that they need to do what every winning brand does: set themselves apart from the competition in a noisy market.

Here’s the info on this loyalty program (and I do certainly recommend you get in on this).

Our Grand Prize: a trip to an awesome tech conference in Austin (it’s a pretty big deal, and it’s not North, East, quite South or quite West), which will be held on March 7-11, 2014. The winners will be selected at random from a pool of participants, and the prize package includes festival attendance, accommodation during the entire Interactive period and a $500 AMEX gift card for travel and entertainment. Grand prize drawing is on February 15, 2014; however, the remainder of the program continues beyond this date.

What’s different about this loyalty program?

Lot’s of companies do contests and loyalty programs. But many get it wrong. Here’s where .ME is nailing it.

  • Easy to join – you can connect through social media accounts
  • Easy to manage – you can see how many points you have and what you can do to earn more. You can see the prizes which will wet your appetite to earn more points.
  • Great grand prize that is congruent with who they are as a brand
  • Great smaller prizes that are based on actions you take spreading the brand’s word
  • Easy to share
  • Great social elements built in – easily connect and share on many of the popular social media accounts
  • Everything is relevant to and congruent with their brand

The more actions you take – inviting friends, connecting your social accounts, signing up for their newsletter and more – the more points you get. The more points, the more chances to win. Plus you can trade in points to get some other prizes like free domains, hosting and other cool swag that is all very relevant to their brand.

Want to enter yourself? Click here. But do it quick. The promotion ends on February 15th at 11:59PM EST.

Where so many brands get these programs wrong is when they do things that are just not congruent. Like giving away an iPad. Unless your company is Apple or makes apps or something of the like, there is no congruency. No connection. So you end up with people who are not likely to buy.

Or they make it difficult to enter and connect. The whole point of these is getting people to take actions. .ME did a great job of putting the automation and instructions in place to make it easy for people to participate.

They are also doing something else I don’t see their competition doing. They are using their own service. They have a homepage, they have a blog and they have a community.

Do a Google search on “.com blog” and let me know what you see. Do a search on “.ME blog and you’ll actually find their blog.

They’ve married great marketing with their content and social media. It will be fun to watch them pull ahead of their competition. Most definitely a worthy home for my message: Just Marketing.

.ME is closing the doors on this contest Saturday, February 15th promptly at 11:59am EST. So if you want in, click here or the image below and join now!



  1. Dino Dogan on February 14, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    great post Mike. I’m linking and talking about it on Monday.

  2. Michele Price on February 14, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    hahahahha Dino you are such a toot!

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