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Have you setup social media for your business and then forgotten about it?  It’s ok to admit it.

Lots of well meaning folks have setup Facebook pages or Twitter feeds or blogs or any number of social channels for their business and then abandon them.

They’re well meaning at first.  They know that having a social media strategy is an important part of their overall marketing.  They’ve heard the success stories from countless businesses who have turned their social media strategy into real paying customers.  Some with massive success.

So they rush out and start a Facebook page of their own.  They even post a few updates.  Then, they let it sit out in cyber space taking up… well… cyber space.

You may be thinking I’m about to tell you that you did a great thing by at least taking that step.  That I am going to tell you it’s better to have a page with no activity on it than nothing at all.  If you think all that, you’d be dead wrong.  In fact, I think you’ve made a huge mistake.

Leaving an abandoned social media channel out there for all to see is actually worse than doing nothing in the first place.  In fact, you should probably go and delete it right now.

It’s hurting your business every single day someone looks at it.  It’s potentially costing you vast amounts of business.

Think about it.  Imagine it’s Wednesday and you need paper for your laser printer.  You’re in the middle of printing a contract for a client who’s going to give you ten thousand dollars, when right in the middle the paper runs out.

No contract no money.  So you get in your car and drive to the local office supply store.  You walk in but no one is there.  There is no paper anywhere.  The lights are off.  The place is a ghost town.  What do you do now?

Well, first, you go somewhere else and get your paper.  Then you spend the rest of the day complaining about the first store to anyone who will listen.

That may be an extreme example, but that is what an abandoned social media channel does for you.  It’s honestly better if no one ever saw it in the first place.

But Mike, you may be thinking, I keep the page there because I know that Google likes social media.  You may be thinking your abandoned Facebook page will show up in the search results.

Sure, it may.  But do you really want people finding it and thinking you went out of business two years ago?

Plus, Google likes fresh content.  They like to see things change.  Which is why regular blog posts and updates to your social media channels help.  But if they are not changing, they’re not helping.

If you’ve abandoned your social media, you have two choices.

1:  Post updates.  It’s easy.  At least a couple times a week, jump on Facebook and say something.  Talk about what may interest people about your business.  If someone asks a question on the phone, post whatever the answer was.  Ask questions.  Post pictures.  Just do something… anything.


2:  Delete the page.

Fast Company recently crowd sourced, (other experts provided the content), an infographic with the 36 rules of social media.  Some I don’t agree with.  But others are spot on.  Especially number 17 which says: “Update your page or delete it”.  I concur.

Here’s the entire PDF.  Good stuff.

If you are having trouble getting your social media strategy under control, make sure to take my recent survey.  I’m putting some training together to help business owners and employees alike become their own social media managers simply and easily.  So if you’ve setup a Facebook page or other channels and let them lie lifeless, here’s your chance to fix that.

Here’s the link to take the survey on Constant Contact