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Nuclear Chowder Customer Support Portal

In an effort to improve our service and response time to you, we have implemented a new communication platform called TeamWork Projects.

Going forward we will be discontinuing use of the [email protected] email. This will be phased out only after we are confident you are set with using the new system.

This new system allows for much better management of your projects with us. You will have a way to login which is explained below and see a lot of detail on what we do for you.

You will see our tasks, files and much more as it pertains to your business and how we manage things. This will allow us to not only communicate with you better but will facilitate faster and more efficient tracking and response to your requests.

We are excited to share this new advanced management tool with you and know you’re going to love it. You will still be able to respond to us through emails.

You can log in to Teamwork by entering your username and password below. Or you can click here to go directly to the Teamwork login page. Both will take you to your Teamwork dashboard.