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This is a very special blog post/podcast for me today. For one, because it is a milestone 60th podcast episode.

But what is really special about it is that this is the first of my own podcasts that I didn’t host. My friend Ralph M. Rivera had proposed an idea of him guest hosting.

I was about to leave for vacation so was not going to be able to record an episode so I thought, why not? I felt like Johnny Carson having Joan Rivers fill in for him. Except Joan Rivers is much prettier than Ralph. Even now at age 80-something and umpteen plastic surgeries.

He floated the idea of interviewing a guest. I was a little nervous about it but I trust his judgment so I green lit it.

But then he threw a curve ball at me. I was completely caught off guard and incredibly honored.

I’ll let Ralph explain the rest. Talk to you next week…

Dear Nuclear Chowder Show,

Wow, where has the time gone? It seems like you were just born yesterday and now you’re turning 60. It was a privilege and an honor to be your guest host for number 60.

Happy birthday, you look great.

60 Episodes. Man, that is a crazy milestone. Especially for podcasts. Most shows don’t even get to 10 before they fizzle.

I remember when you were 50 and my business partner, Carol Lynn, was on talking about creating good content for the right audience. I also remember the time that we talked about how time management is related to marketing.

I even remember that time that I wasn’t on the show, but Mike pretended to debate me on the issue of writing good marketing copy that gets customers. I wish I had been there for that one. But like a broken clock, even Mike Brooks is right two times a day.

But enough about the past. Let’s talk about the big six oh.

The week before we recorded this episode together, I went to a seminar that your regular host, Mike Brooks, held in Connecticut. It was an incredible success, but more on that later.

Afterwards, I thought that the events of the seminar would make a great show. But just as I was about to tell Mike my idea, I decided to be slick and tell him that I wanted to be your host and invite a super secret guest.

The big lie, of course, was that he was the super secret guest.

It was loads of fun pulling the wool over his eyes.

But I didn’t go easy on him. I asked him tough questions about marketing and small business. We talked social media, SEO and whether traffic or conversions are more important.

Unfortunately for me, Mike delivered the performance of a rock star. He was on his toes and answered all my questions like a boss. I would have been happier to watch him buckle so that I could make fun of him.

But instead he hit all the beats with insight, experience and clarity. I even threw him a curve ball and gave him my thoughts on “Internet Marketing Fatigue” and demanded that he give me his perspective.

I have to say, of all of the shows, you’re my favorite. I was great. And so was Mike. Sort of.

I look forward to many more days together with great insights and guests.

Best regards,

Ralph M. Rivera


I wrote some additional thoughts about you, dearest 60th episode, on my blog over at Web.Search.Social in an article titled: 60 + 1 Ways You Can Hyper Charge Your Marketing Within The Next Month