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I get asked a lot of questions about online marketing. I am probably asked a question every day, at least ten times a day. Sometimes it seems all I ever do, in fact, is answer questions about online marketing.

So here it is, the grand champion of questions. The one big online marketing question I get asked more than any other is… drum roll please…

How do I get more traffic?

It is asked in different ways. Here are some of the variations I’ve heard over my 12 years as an internet marketer:

  • How can I get the phone ringing more?
  • How do I get more people coming in the store?
  • How do I get more appointments?
  • How do I get more people reading my blog?
  • How do I get more people seeing my ads?
  • How do I get more visitors to my website?
  • How can I get more Facebook likes?
  • How do I get more twitter followers?

I could go on. Get the idea?

What they all want to know is how can I get more traffic? And the answer they are looking for is what form of advertising should I pour my money into to do it?

Today I am totally not going to answer this question. Instead, I’m going to answer the question I want to. The one they SHOULD be asking. And that is:

How do I get more sales?

Here are some easy and simple things you can do to get more sales starting with the traffic you’re already getting. But where the magic happens is when you convert more of your existing traffic into customers, then adding more traffic can increase your bottom line dramatically.

Put calls to action on your website

It is shocking how many websites are nothing more than a business card sitting online. Go make your contact information the biggest thing on your site. And then ask the visitor to call you. Give them a reason like “Call me now to hear some really important secret at 203-889-4533”. Use your own phone number of course.

Install lead capture on your website

It is pretty darn easy to put a web form on your website. Get an honest to goodness email system, create a web form and plunk it on your site. Give people a really good reason why they should give you their email address.

Do something with business cards

I bet you’ve got a big giant stack of business cards you’ve probably been collecting for years. Reach out and touch someone. Call them and say hi. Enter them into your email system and start connecting with them.

Create offers

First of all, let’s talk about what an offer is. An offer is a widget or thing that you provide in exchange for payment of some kind. The payment can be in exchange for money or an email subscribe.

It contains a compelling, benefit driven reason why someone should want it. It will have a call to action.

If you look carefully you will see examples of offers all over my website. The more offers you have, the more reasons you have to sell something.

Ask more people to buy

Do you ask for the sale? Or do you just wait for someone to ask you if they can buy something from you?

Increase your prices

Want to immediately increase your income? Raise your prices.

Create more opportunities to buy more

Another fast way to more income is to sell more things. What kinds of other products or affiliate products can you sell? How can you increase the frequency with which your customer buys?

Mail your list

I am often amazed when people tell me they have email or mailing lists but they have not sent anything to them in months. Sometimes in years. Reach out and touch someone today…

Follow up with people who haven’t bought yet

A mentor of mine once told me that the fortune is in the follow up. And I have never heard a better piece of advice.

It is mind boggling how hard people will try to get a prospect and then never follow up. Gonna say it again… Reach out and touch someone today…

Follow up with former customers

This is something many people hate to do. But the person most likely to buy is someone who has already bought from you.

Ask for referrals

If you don’t do this, you’re just leaving money on the table. Pick up the phone and ask your customers if anyone they know might be interested in what you do.

Go eat lunch with someone

Get out of your office and network. Whether it’s going to a networking event or doing a one on one with someone. Go meet more people in person.


Learn to love the word ‘No’. You can’t get to a ‘Yes’ without hearing a bunch of ‘No’s. It’s just the fact of the matter.

Let’s face it, some of this stuff is going to turn people off. The reason is: we all fear and loathe rejection.

If you follow up with ten people you may hear ‘No’ nine times. But what is that one ‘Yes’ worth to you?

I had a very successful friend who truly loved the word ‘No’. He knew every ‘No’ brought him statistically closer to a ‘Yes’. So each time he heard ‘No’ It got him more motivated and excited.

Examine and improve your existing sales processes

If you do all this stuff and are not getting more sales, it’s the way you’re asking. Are you compelling and persuasive? Do you offer an amazing product or service and communicate the benefits the right way? Always improve this process.

Track your conversions like a scientist

Know your conversion rates. Ask people how they heard about you. Dig deep. Then track those conversions all the way through the sales process.

These work!

I like to call this stuff low hanging fruit. Because many times these are the dollars that everyone steps over while they try to pick up a bunch of old pennies.

If you do these, then come ask me about traffic. Because once you do these things consistently, more traffic will have a profound effect instead of just making you wonder where your ad dollars went.

Most people want to fill the top of the sales funnel with more and more leads. More traffic.

But what they don’t realize or think about is that there’s a giant opening in the other end of the funnel where all those leads flow out of. Way too many leads don’t become customers. Work on plugging up that hole before you bring in those new and expensive leads.

Got some of your own low hanging fruit to add to my list? Leave it in the comments.