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Let’s face it, creating content that gets you business takes effort, dedication, hard work and skill. If it was simple, everyone would be doing it.

Each week I publish at least one piece of new content. (You’re reading this week’s right now).

Content marketing is so important I felt it was a worthy topic to investigate. There must be some secret out there that people can follow to create great content consistently without spending a ton of time.

Entering the Tardis

ralph-carol-lynn RiveraOn Tuesday I drove from Connecticut to central New Jersey-the toll booth state-to meet my friends and colleagues Ralph and Caro Lynn Rivera. They publish regularly to their blog WebSearchSocial.

But more than that, they produce high value content and appear to be able to create it with ease. They stick to a strict schedule and promote the living daylights out of what they publish. I decided to break into their home and interview them for this episode 63 of the Nuclear Chowder Podcast to get them to spill the beans and show me how it’s done.

Oh, and they have a Tardis in their home.

Here’s what we discussed on this episode:

  • Content and promotion. It isn’t enough to just put out a blog post. The rubber meets the road when you promote it.
  • Getting responses. How do you get comments and other responses from a blog post? By asking for people to take action. But there’s a certain way to do this that gets people actually taking the action you want them to take.
  • How they come up with content. This actually was a very refreshing answer. Hint, it’s not about a publication schedule or a content calendar. It’s honestly the best strategy you could ever use. It will get your readers engaged with you. It’s a sure fire way to write content your audience will love.
  • How they discipline themselves to create content regularly with all the other responsibilities they have. The tool they mention is Scrivener but ultimately what is best is to use what works for you. Do what you’re comfortable with.
  • I asked them the million dollar question: Does your content get you customers? Is it worth all the effort? Their answer… one word: Yes

The list

At the end of the show, I asked for a list of their personal tips for getting started with content creation. Ralph’s list consisted of one thing: Better time management.

Spend less time doing email. He mentioned that he uses his Pomodoro timer on his iPhone and sticks to the bell.

Great advice. But Carol Lynn gave a slightly more detailed list:

  • Find your creative zone
  • Free associate ideas
  • Make a date with yourself
  • Use tools that work for you
  • Try something new when the tools stop working
  • Make friends with your audience

Get the Hot Sheet from this episode

Ralph and Carol Lynn gave some excellent tips on how to create amazing content with greater ease. I distilled it down into a simple Hot Sheet PDF that you can download by clicking here now