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Why Visual Marketing Matters With Alisa Meredith

Episode 101

Warning: This was a really long episode. But well worth the listen… And there are a ton of great visual marketing resources she shared (links scattered in this post).

I had a really fun conversation with Alisa Meredith and she dropped a ton of great information. So I just let it fly for a record breaking 90 minutes.

Alisa is also co-host of the Super Heroes Of Marketing Podcast, which I was a guest on for episode 26. You can also connect with her on Twitter here, Pinterest here.

The Superheroes of Marketing podcast is also on my 12 must listen to podcast list.


Here’s what you will learn on this episode

  • Why I was wearing a cape with a turkey embroidered into it
  • Which comic universe the Superheroes of Marketing podcast represents: Marvel, DC, other… spoiler alert: none of the above and I am apparently a geek.
  • I apparently said I was going to put a picture of myself with the cape in the show notes so that’s why there is a picture of me with a cape here. Bet you didn’t know I had laser vision?
  • Why should we even care about visuals in our social marketing?
  • The reason you WANT to be on Pinterest… might not be what you think.
  • What is buzz Sumo and should you be using it?
  • What makes a good visual and how you can easily create them.
  • I tried to stump Alisa by asking her how I might create an image if I was an attorney or a financial planner or a home improvement contractor. And the answer was not what I expected.
  • She also talked about a bunch of cool apps you might want to check out such as: Over for creative typography, Studio Design, EnlightWordswag and Pixabay for free images.
  • Legal issues of using images (You can really get screwed here)
  • Here is Alisa’s free image resource Pinterest board
  • And last but not least, but super important, we talked about promoted pins. And since this recording, Alisa created a very special offer on doing promoted pins which you should check out and get here for free.

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  1. Kelly Kranz on February 25, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    I really enjoyed the numerous times my name came up. I think you should of just rolled with that kept the entire podcast about me. #kellyforprez2016

    PS: I couldn’t find you on snap chat 🙁

    • Mike Brooks on February 25, 2016 at 5:02 pm

      Thanks Kelly! You’re too funny!

      And I am MichaelSBrooks on Snapchat

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